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2004 mutant screens in Illinois

Torbert Rocheford trochefo at uiuc.edu
Mon May 17 13:47:17 EST 2004

To our Maize Genetics Colleagues,

We finished planting last week the materials that you may wish to 
come and screen this summer.  Material to screen includes EMS 
mutagenized and Ac transposon tagged material, as well as a 
collection of diverse inbred lines.  All maize scientists in public 
and private sectors are invited to participate in screening for 
mutants and natural variants.

Planting was earlier than last year. We planted portions of different 
sets of materials in the same field, and then at different dates to 
reduce risk of having a complete loss to one set of material due to 
field problems, such as a torrential thunderstorm right after 
planting. Thus far, everything is going well.

Given that I do not know what the weather will be, and the heat 
units, it is hard to predict when this material will come in for 
tassels and pollen shed. Please bear this in mind and try to allow 
for flexibility.

That said, I expect the materials to come in earlier than last year. 
If we have an 'average year' then sometime the end of the week of 
July 6 some of the A619 planted on May 5/6 may start to tassel. The 
Brutnell material is in an W22 background and will be about a week 
later we are guessing. So we are looking at early/mid July this 
summer based on planting date and genetic maturities.

As we get into mid/late June, I can give a little better guestimate 
based on the weather to that point.

We will develop an overall plan for ensuring that all the materials 
will be examined at different developmental time points.   We plan to 
have a dedicated computer-based entry of all notes.  This can be 
accomplished either locally or remotely.

Based on how well planting went this spring, new logistical plans 
being implemented, it is looking like a real good year.

Regards, Torbert

Here are planting dates for screen fields.

5/6 : A619 EMS and Brutnell Ac

5/11 : Neuffer A619xB73, Mo17, and A619 EMS, Brutnell Ac, plus 
Goodman/Buckler Diversity Lines.

5/12 : IBM, Brutnell Ac, and A619 EMS

Torbert Rocheford                       trochefo at uiuc.edu
Department of Crop Sciences             217-333-9643
University of Illinois                  217-333-9817 FAX
AW-101 Turner Hall
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