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[Maize] Next generation of gene maps

Ed Coe coee at missouri.edu
Thu Sep 1 15:03:46 EST 2005

To All Maize Cooperators!
     I need your help to improve the map placement of genes and to 
identify genes that can be added, toward the next generation of gene maps. 

     How can you help?
     1. Review the Genetic 2005 maps in MaizeGDB and send feedback 
whenever you have an 'aha!' moment (my email address is easy; so is the 
feedback button in MaizeGDB).  Comments appear on each locus page that 
give brief information on data documenting my best estimate for location 
of the genes.  Drawings are at http://www.agron.missouri.edu/mnl/79/img/ 
pending final copy of MNL 79.
     2. Point out any new data, yours or others', for genes that are 
already on these maps or for genes that can be added.  Many recently 
mapped genes are not in these maps, which include only the 785 genes 
designated before 1998.  See 
http://www.maizegdb.org/cgi-bin/locusreports.cgi?id=1 for a list of 6535 
placed and unplaced genes (2900 of these have been placed to bin; over 
1200 binned genes have a phenotype or gene product).
     3. Submit a note to MNL and copy to me, about any published or 
unpublished linkage or allelism data that may contribute. 

     My intention is to prepare new maps, based on the IBM/FPC marker 
order whenever possible.  The purpose of these maps is to aid genetic 
and other biological analysis, and crop improvement or modification.  
Genes involved in a visible Trait and Phenotype or a Defined Function 
(e.g., enzymatic or other functional product), whether cloned or not, 
should be included. What is ideal for each gene is the following (please 
feel free to provide more, e.g., GenBank number, if available):

     Name of gene
     Genetic mapping data
     BAC mapping data

Please respond by September 30 and whenever after that you may find more.
I and all Cooperators thank you for your help!


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