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[Maize] Postdoctoral Position for a Plant Biochemist in Systems biology of Maize/Rice C3-C4 leaf development and cell differentiation

Klaas van Wijk via maize%40net.bio.net (by kv35 from cornell.edu)
Thu Aug 27 07:48:20 EST 2009

   Postdoctoral Position in Systems biology of Maize/Rice C3-C4 leaf
   development and cell differentiation
   van Wijk lab, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
   A postdoctoral position for a Plant Biochemist is available in the van
   Wijk lab to contribute to a collaborative project sponsored by the
   NSF-Genome program. This project concerns a cell-type specific
   comparative analysis of C3 and C4 leaf development in Rice, Sorghum
   and Maize. In leaves of such C4 grasses photosynthetic activities are
   partitioned between two morphologically and biochemically distinct
   bundle sheath (BS) and mesophyll (M) cells. The overall objectives are
   to compare the quantitative and qualitative patterns of transcripts,
   proteins, metabolic activities and anatomy at discrete stages and in
   specific cell types in rice (C3), maize and sorghum (C4), and to
   develop a model of the regulatory networks governing C4 anatomy and
   function. These experimental datasets will be linked by new
   informatics tools for comparative transcriptional and proteome
   analysis, to provide the foundation for a systems biology approach to
   understanding C4 biology.
   The responsibilities of the postdoc include isolation of specific
   subsets of leaf proteomes (e.g. Bundle strands) for proteome analysis,
   as well as biological interpretation of large scale proteome (and
   other) datasets. In particular, a strong effort is needed on
   extracting biological conclusions and hypotheses from these large
   scale datasets. Experience in plant protein biochemistry and a strong
   interest in plant metabolism and systems biology is required. The
   postdoc will work closely together with other team members, including
   mass spectrometry specialists and bioinformaticians. Salary will be
   commensurate with experience with generous employee benefits according
   the Cornell Human Resource Office.
   Review of applications will begin immediately, and continue until the
   position is filled.
   Application Instructions: Send your curriculum vitae, a statement of
   research interests and career goals, and three letters of reference by
   email to: [2]kv35 from cornell.edu  Klaas J. van Wijk, Associate Professor,
   Dept of Plant Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA; tel
   +1-607-255-3664; [3]http://cbsu.tc.cornell.edu/vanwijk/
   Relevant papers:
   Majeran, W., and van Wijk, K.J. (2009) Cell-type specific
   differentiation of chloroplasts in C4 plants. Trends in Plant Science
   Majeran W., Zybailov B., Ytterberg A.J., Dunsmore J., Sun Q., and van
   Wijk K.J. (2008) Consequences of C4 differentiation for chloroplast
   membrane proteomes in maize mesophyll and bundle sheath cells. Mol
   Cell Proteomics 2008 7: 1609-1638
   Covshoff S., Majeran W., Liu P., Kolkman J.M., van Wijk K.J.and
   Brutnell T.P. (2008) Deregulation of maize c4 photosynthetic
   development in a mesophyll cell-defective mutant. Plant Physiol 146:
   Majeran W., Cai Y., Sun Q.and van Wijk K.J. (2005) Functional
   Differentiation of Bundle Sheath and Mesophyll Maize Chloroplasts
   Determined by Comparative Proteomics. The Plant Cell 17: 3111-3140.
   Klaas J. van Wijk
   Associate Professor
   Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for the Field of Plant Biology
   Dept of Plant Biology
   332 Emerson Hall
   Cornell University
   Ithaca, NY 14853, USA
   tel +1-607-255-3664


   1. http://cbsu.tc.cornell.edu/vanwijk/
   2. mailto:kv35 from cornell.edu
   3. http://cbsu.tc.cornell.edu/vanwijk/
   4. http://cbsu.tc.cornell.edu/vanwijk/

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