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[Maize] FW: SporeSim to simulate pollen dispersal

Meindert de Jong via maize%40net.bio.net (by meindertdejong from hotmail.com)
Fri Oct 9 06:24:55 EST 2009


 I've just sub scrined to Maize-L.
In order to break the ice and to test my subscription I'll forward herewith=
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From: meindertdejong from hotmail.com
To: polpal-l from uoguelph.ca
Subject: FW: SporeSim to simulate pollen dispersal
Date: Tue=2C 29 Sep 2009 17:14:38 +0200

SporeSim is physical-mathematical validated layer model to simulate dispers=
al of pollen and spores within a crop.
It may calulete the escape-fraction as the percentage of partic=3Bes leavin=
g the crop.
We used it to calculate the escape fraction of a biocontrol fungus for a ri=
sk analysis.
Then we incorporated a low sedimentation velocity Vs. If we change the para=
meter of Vs in Vs =3D 0.02 m/sec
SporeSim can quantify dispersal orf pollen grains and spores with =E0 high =
sedimentation velocity such as conidiopspores of Potato Late Bliight.
It might be worthwhile to describe a version of SporeSim adapted to simulat=
e pollen dispersal. However=2C I donot have a job thus such a small researc=
h should be funded externally by e.g. Kellog's Cornflakes to publish a pape=
r on dispersal of pollen in corn. You may find a comprehensive description =
of Sporesim in=20
Please feel free to e-mail meindertdejong from hotmail.com if you see any opport=
unity for a scientific collaboration.
Thanks for the attention!

dr ir M.D. de Jong=2C SporeSim=99 [45 Google hits]=20
Patent Water Hyacinth Mycoherbicide: http://www.t-c-m-rd.co.uk/cms_misc/art=
icles/bni.pdf=AE [190]=20

http://www.geocities.com/meindertdejong/ [104]=20

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Wageningen University=2C the Netherlands=20

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