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Science by mail

David G. Rhodes rhodes at MODEL.PHR.UTEXAS.EDU
Thu Aug 4 10:10:20 EST 1994

I just received in my mail an announcement from my local chapter of
Science by Mail.  For those who may not be familiar with the program
(supported by NSF and developed by the Museum of Science in Boston),
participants get 3 "challenge packets" in the mail during the course
of a school year.  These contain some background information, and some
materials to perform experiments, leading up to "the big challenge" at
the end of each packet.  During this process, the students correspond
with "pen-pal-scientists", who respond to questions, results, and comments,
some of which are in data sheets that come inthe packet, and some
(one might say the most interesting) come in the letters they send.

I'm not affiliated with the SBM project (in the sense that I don't work
for them), but I've been a volunteer scientist for a number of years.
It's a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to share your enthusiasm for
science with a few 'developing minds'.  It doesn't take a lot of time, and
it's a lot of fun.  The pen-pal-scientists also receive the packets, and
doing the experiments yourself is a lot of fun.  Did I mention that being
a pen-pal-scientist is a lot of fun????  There were about 2500 scientists
last year, but more are always welcome.  This year's themes are
"Structures", "Sound", and "Time".

Please consider donating a little time to this program.  As of last year,
there were 16 participating science museums in the US and Canada who work
with their respective regions.  _IF_ you can't find your local participant
(and please try to, so we don't swamp the main office), there's an 800
number for the national office in Boston - 800-729-3300.  If you want to
request information or a Volunteer Scientist Registration Form by internet
(but you will get a snailmail response), you may reach the Boston office
through mparker at acs.bu.edu.

Thanks for your interest and participation.

((NOTE: they also need people with pockets to sponsor a class ($375) or
group ($56).))

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