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Protein structure from scratch?

Floeckner Hannes floeckn at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at
Tue Aug 16 04:13:43 EST 1994

In article <32drr4$8l7 at news.mic.ucla.edu>, arne at hodgkin.mbi.ucla.edu (Arne Elofsson) writes:
|>Fred Cohen showed a long time ago that packing of a four helical boundle 
|>1. Presnell SR; Cohen FE.
|>     Topological distribution of four-alpha-helix bundles.
|>   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of
|>   America, 1989 Sep, 86(17):6592-6.
|>and several other references
Was this about building FXN and MBD? Or better said: the packing of the helices
of these proteins. If so: He made several modells given the EXACT secondary
structure (100%) and he made several modells differing quite a lot from 
the native folding. 

|>>>By the way, I don't think 65% is a good result.
|>Rost and sander showed that proteins are approximately 82% correct
|>(within a family) So it is not that bad.
I cannot agree, Chou and Fassmann also result in about 60 to 65%. And by the
way, random "prediction" results in 50%. So 65% is a VERY little but not a lot.
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