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Protein structure databases?

Peter Gegenheimer peterg at rnaworld.bio.ukans.edu
Sat Aug 27 16:45:26 EST 1994

In <414428490wnr at gardner.demon.co.uk>, steve at gardner.demon.co.uk (Steve Gardner) writes:
>In article: <cc37-210894182902 at>  cc37 at cornell.edu (CC) writes:
>> Hi --
>>       Do there exist databases that have information about the secondary
>> structure, active sites, mutations that disrupt function, etc. of
>> evolutionarily conserved proteins?  I am particularly looking for
>The Iditis relational database of protein structure contains over 500 fields of derived
>protein structure data, including secondary structure, active site data, and 
>functional motif information.  The database describes the 2000 known proteins completely
>and allows you to identify and compare complex motifs easily. It is designed
>specifically to allow users to ask questions of about potential effects of changes
>made to the structure of a protein in key regions of structure.  Iditis comes out of
>Prof. Janet Thornton's lab at University College London.
>For more information see the review article
>in Chemical Design Automation News (Thornton & Gardner) vol. 8, no. 4 pg. 18.
>Steve Gardner
>steve at gardner.demon.co.uk

How about info on distribution of this database, or an e-mail address for Dr. Thornton? I'll be
looking for the article, but if I can't find it some addresses will be helpful.


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