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profile-3D sequence search

Arne Elofsson arne at rune.biokemi.su.se
Tue Jan 2 11:50:36 EST 1996

In article <Pine.SOL.3.91.951228181433.9248A-100000 at gate> ccchuang at GATE.SINICA.EDU.TW (Chyh-chong Chuang) writes:

> Dear Sir:
> 	By  insightII's profile 3D modual, I created a profile file of a 
> sequence with known 3D structure. Is it possible to do a structural 
> compability sequence search of some database, like SwissPort, EMBL ..., 
> base on the insightII's profile file.

> 	GCG support a profile search (profilesearch command) base on a 
> sequence's profile file. It seems that the GCG's profile is not 
> calculate from a know 3D structure and sequence.   
The profile in gcg is created multiple sequence alignments (gribskov
et al 198?) while the insight 3d-1d profiles are made from structure
information (bowie et al 1991). The program to create 3d-1d profiles
can be obtained (for free) from ling at ewald.mbi.ucla.edu. Both profiles
can be used in the profilescan and profilesearch programs in gcg.


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