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Student needs Help (resent)

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In bionet.molec-model Msg # 750 David Reynolds wrote:
>I'm a 15 year old sophomore doing a research paper on what protein
>folding is, what is has done for us and what it can do for us in the
>future.  I really don't know that many places to look for information. 
>My biggest problem is that most of the information I get is in a
>language and vocabulary beyond me.  Does anyone know of someplace I can
You might try looking at the excellent book "Protein Folding" by Tom
Creighton, which contains a lot of the most useful recent information.
If you find this beyond you, try looking at Chapter 2 of "Biochemistry" by
Lubert Stryer which gives a more simplified treatment. You should be able
to find both of these books, or at least the Stryer, in a good library.

Hope this helps with your paper.


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