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Supercomputing Techniques Workshop

Marcella Madrid mm6n+ at andrew.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 26 17:48:04 EST 1996

The Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC) is offering a new kind of
supercomputing techniques workshop for biomedical researchers this May.
We invite you to review the description below and consider returning an
application for it.

If you have any questions, please contact

Nancy Blankenstein
Biomedical Assistant
biomed at psc.edu


                  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
                           May 5-9, 1996

This newly developed Supercomputing Techniques workshop is aimed at
researchers who want to determine if they need supercomputing resources
to solve their biomedical research problem(s). It differs from both the
Biomedical Applications workshops, which focus on science, and other PSC
Techniques workshops, which focus on programming details.  The emphasis here
will be on practical concepts and assumes no prior supercomputing experience.
Applicants should have a working knowledge of either Fortran or C.

Participants will learn what resources are potentially available to them
through  PSC's Biomedical Initiative, including hardware, software and PSC
staff expertise.  By participating in this course, you should be able to
answer the following questions as they pertain to your research computing

        How can my application benefit from supercomputing?  What must I
        examine to determine this?

        Is my application massively parallel in nature?  Is it more vector

        Should I consider a heterogeneous solution involving both vector and
        massively parallel machines?

        Are there ways to restructure my application to get more computing
        power out of the machines already at my disposal?

        How much effort would be involved to accomplish the necessary
        modifications, and what are the potential payoffs?  Is it worth
        pursuing at this time?

        Where do I go from here?

The workshop will include informal discussion times to encourage participants
to collaborate with one another as well as PSC researchers and scientific
support staff.  A panel discussion will be held on the final day to further
promote discussions between participants and members of the Biomedical
Supercomputing Initiative.

This workshop is NOT intended to provide detailed information on the use
of any one computer system. Other techniques workshops are available
that address the details of programming either the C90 or the T3D.

Expenses/Registration Fees:

        Researchers affiliated with a U.S. academic institutions will have
        their hotel accommodations paid and receive complimentary breakfasts
        and lunches the days of the workshop.  No registration fee will be
        charged but participants are responsible for all other expenditures
        connected with attending the workshop, i.e., travel, meals
outside            the workshop, ground transportation, parking, etc.

     A few openings may be available for government and industrial      

        U.S. Government researchers will be charged a registration fee to
        cover their documentation and workshop meals.  They will be
        responsible for all expenses incurred in travel, accommodations,
        other meals, etc.

        Industrial researchers will be charged a registration fee to
        cover their service units, documentation and the workshop meals.
        They are responsible for all expenses incurred in travel,
        accommodations, other meals, etc.

This program is sponsored by a National Institutes of Health grant.
Enrollment is limited to 20 participants.  
Deadline for applications:  April 5, 1996
A tentative agenda and an on-line application are below.

                               May 5-9, 1996
                             TENTATIVE AGENDA

Sunday: May 5, 1996
 Introduction to PSC and
 the Biomedical Supercomputing Initiative
 Introduction to PSC Environment (Interactive)
 Optional computer lab time (each evening of the workshop)

Monday: May 6, 1996
 Introduction to Supercomputing
 Parallel Computing Concepts and Hardware
 C90 and T3D Architecture Overview
 Parallel Computing Paradigms

Tuesday: May 6, 1996
 PVM Basics
 MPI Basics
 Heterogeneous Computing
 Westinghouse Tour

Wednesday: May 7, 1996
 Performance Monitoring
 Optimization Techniques
 Practical Considerations

Thursday: May 8, 1996
 Heterogeneous Scientific Applications
 Panel Discussion
 Collaborations/Optional Lab Time


                               BIOMEDICAL INITIATIVE
                                   May 5-9, 1996


Name:          ______________________________________________________________

Affiliation:   ______________________________________________________________

Address:       ______________________________________________________________


Telephone:  ____________________________         ____________________________
                   (Business)                                (Home)

*Social Security Number:  _______-_____-_______ Citizenship:_________________

Electronic Mail Address:_____________________________________________________

Status: ___Graduate  ___Post-doctoral Fellow  ___Faculty  ___Other (specify)

Please indicate specifically any special housing, transportation or dietary
arrangements you will need: ________________________________________________

How did you learn about this workshop:_________________________________________


Applicants must submit a completed application form and a cover letter.  The
letter should describe, in one or two paragraphs, your current research, and
how participating in the workshop will enhance this research.  Please include
a brief statement describing your level of experience with computers and with
FORTRAN or C programming language.  Faculty members, staff and post-docs
should provide a curriculum vitae.  Graduate students must have a letter of
recommendation from a faculty member.

Please return all application materials by April 5, 1996 to:

  Biomedical Workshop Applications Committee
  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  4400 Fifth Avenue, Room 230C
  Pittsburgh, PA 15213

For additional information:  http://www.psc.edu/biomed/workshops.html

Direct inquiries to Nancy Blankenstein, biomed at psc.edu or (412) 268-4960.

*Disclosure of Social Security Number is voluntary.

PSC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age,
creed, national or ethnic origin, or handicap.

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