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First Electronic Molecular Modelling & Graphics Conference

mgmsorg mgmsorg at BELLATRIX.PCL.OX.AC.UK
Wed Oct 2 06:42:11 EST 1996


	The First Electronic Molecular Graphics and Modelling 
Society Conference (MGMS EC-1) will be held on the Internet (the Net) 
and World Wide Web (the Web) from Oct 7-18, 1996 and will cover a 
broad range of disciplines related to molecular modelling, graphics 
and simulation methods and applications.  The conference is 
sponsored by Elsevier, the Molecular Graphics and Modelling 
Society, Molecular Simulations Inc, Oxford Molecular, NASA, 
Springer-Verlag, Wyeth-Ayerst, and GlaxoWellcome and is 
designed and operated by Greenlea Communications.
	The conference is being served from the following UK and 
US sites at Oxford University and Wesleyan University:
UK - http://bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk/mgms/
USA - http://linus.chem.wesleyan.edu/~mirror/mgms/

	Conference registration supplying userid, password and 
payment details, is available through:
UK - http://bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk/mgms/register.html
USA - http://linus.chem.wesleyan.edu/~mirror/mgms/register.html

	Conference subject areas are: Protein Structure (Rod 
Hubbard); Membranes and Membrane Proteins (Terry Stouch and 
Alan Robinson); Computational Nanotechnology (Al Globus); 
Protein Folding (Jeffrey Skolnick); Modelling of In Vivo Activity 
(Ed Hodgkin); Knowledge-based Library Design (Mike Hann); 
Surface Science (Donald Brenner); Host-guest interactions (Jon 
Essex); Carbohydrates and Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions 
(Anne Imberty); Enzyme Mechanisms (Guy Grant); Conformational 
Sampling (Robert Topper); Nucleic Acids (David Beveridge and 
Dennis Sprous); Quantum Chemistry (Tim Clark); Structure-based 
Design (David Winkler); Visualization (Art Olson); and Perspectives 
(Graham Richards).
	Presentations are in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), 
graphics (GIF,JPEG) and other web-compatible formats 
(VRML,Java,PDF) so that participants can view material via the World 
Wide Web (WWW).  During the conference meetings and discussions will take 
place via the Internet in real-time using a virtual conference centre based 
on a MOO (multiple-user domain, object oriented) and via Internet-
accessible electronic mailing lists and discussion areas.  

	The conference contains a Virtual Job Center and a Virtual 
Trade Center where commercial vendors, software and hardware 
developers, consultants, and contractors are able to display their 
goods and services and provide software demonstrations in return 
for exhibition fees to support conference activities. Any potential 
exhibitors should contact Barry Hardy at barry at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk


If you intend to participate in MGMS EC-1 please use the 
registration form accessible via 
which is available for electronic registration.  The 
registration is used to construct a registrant database 
for the conference, generates the conference mailing list and 
handles assignment of userids and passwords.

In addition it is necessary to pay for registration via ordinary 
means: The conference fee will be 35 pounds sterling (50 US 
dollars) with a special rate for students of 20 pounds sterling (30 US 
dollars). A copy of a suitable student identification or a letter from 
the supervisor will be required to be charged at the lower rate.

Registration payments can be accepted by credit card, 
direct bank transfer, cheque or bank draft. 
Credit card payments can be accepted by fax at 4
4 (0) 1865 875581 where the (0) is not used outside the UK.

Regardless of method of payment we ask you to
supply accompanying correspondence with your complete name,
address, fax and phone number, and email address which
should be mailed or faxed directly to:

Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK
Fax: 44 (0) 1865 875581

Payment Instructions:                       

a) Credit Card

We can currently accept Visa, Mastercard, Switch or JCB.

Please send your credit card type, number and expiration date
via fax to 44 (0) 1865 875581 or via regular mail to:
Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK
Fax is recommended for registration carried out close to the 
conference commencement.

b) Bank Transfer

Your payment can be made in sterling by direct bank transfer
into the folowing account:

Account Number: 20-6518 50772712
Account Name: Greenlea Communications
Bank: Barclays Bank, Oxford City Centre Branch,
P.O. Box 333, Oxford, OX1 3HS, UK

--Please ensure your full name is listed with the transfer details.
--You are responsible for any bank charges associated with the
transfer from your bank. 
--Please notify us directly of your transfer payment.

3) Cheque/Bank Draft

Cheques or bank orders (in pounds or dollars) should be made out 
to Greenlea Communications and mailed to:

Dr. Barry Hardy, Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory,
University of Oxford, South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK

Acknowledgement of Registration and Payment:

When you first register at the conference site you should
receive an acknowledgement email with a password and userid.

After receipt of your registration fee you will
receive a further acknowledgement and your userid and password
will be validated to allow access to the conference site. 

Hot line

Any general emails (such as registration queries, maillist queries, 
HTML queries, password queries, timetable queries, general 
technical advice on browsers and graphics, MOO queries, etc.) should be 
sent to: mgmsorg at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk

Barry Hardy
barry at bellatrix.pcl.ox.ac.uk

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