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Use your networked computers for large scale simulations

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Sergij Foski
Active Tools, Inc.
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Active Tools Announces Clustor(tm) 1.1 for Exploiting 
the Combined Power of Networked Computers

San Francisco, CA - May 12, 1997 -- Active Tools, Inc. 
today announced the release of Clustor 1.1, a software tool 
for distributing and managing computationally intensive tasks. 

"Clustor delivers computing power to users with ever 
increasing needs for more computing cycles." said Rok Sosic, 
President and CEO of Active Tools, Inc. "With Clustor, they 
can routinely combine the power of networked computers."

Clustor greatly simplifies and speeds up parametric executions 
- running the same application numerous times with different 
input parameters. It generates jobs, speeds up the task by 
distributing the jobs over a network and collects the results. 
Jobs can be distributed over a local area network or over Internet. 
Version 1.1 of Clustor provides new features for load monitoring 
and resource sharing.

Clustor is targeted at users, such as engineers, scientists 
and researchers. It provides an intuitive graphical user 
interface for all phases of executing jobs on a network of 
computers: from task preparation, job generation to job execution. 
Now, the combined power of networked computers can be exploited
by users with no knowledge of programming parallel or distributed 

Clustor is already being used in fields, such as VLSI 
circuit design,  electronic design automation, bioinformatics, 
operations research, computer graphics, ecological and environmental 
modeling, laser and particle physics.

According to Dr. Andrej Sali, Assistant Professor at 
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Rockefeller University in 
New York "We found Clustor extremely helpful in squeezing more CPU 
time from our workstations, resulting in a  highly increased job 
turnaround time and productivity."

Clustor version 1.1 is currently available for major Unix 
environments such as Digital Unix, Hewlett Packard HP-UX, IBM AIX, 
Silicon Graphics Irix, Sun  Solaris and Linux. A version of Clustor 
for Windows NT environment will  be released later this year.

Clustor 1.1 for Unix is priced at $695. Additional computational 
nodes are $149. Clustor 1.1 for Linux is priced at $495 and $99, 
respectively. Academic discount of 40% is available to academic 
institutions for non-commercial use. Clustor can be purchased 
directly from Active Tools. Copies of Clustor and free 30-day 
evaluation licenses are available at http://www.activetools.com/.

Active Tools, founded in 1995, is a developer of software tools 
for high performance computing. The founders have been developing 
software tools for more than 15 years in both industry and academia. 
Active Tools is a privately held company with offices in United States 
and Australia.

Clustor and Clustor Node are trademarks of Active Tools, Inc. 
All other company and product names mentioned may be trademarks 
or registered trademarks of the respective companies with which 
they are associated.

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