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Search Directions for Employment

Peter pxpst2 at spam.suxs.unixs.cis.pitt.edu
Sun Jul 19 12:41:35 EST 1998

In article <1dc3irz.i4m4x6oiqsn4N at user-38lciqr.dialup.mindspring.com>,
herwin at gmu.edu (Harry Erwin) wrote:

> My son just graduated from Antioch with a BS in biomedical sciences.
> His senior thesis was in computational biology--he wrote a program in
> C++ (the new 11/97 standard, using the STL) to compute the optimal PCR
> primers for an input DNA sequence.  This is fairly specialized and
> advanced, and he has found that most employers advertising job openings
> in biology or chemistry are not a good fit for his skills.  In what
> directions should he search for employment.

I do not want to belittle your son's education but his project was not all
that special.  I have written similar routines in fortran 4 years ago. 
Since then, many companies have done this in their programs. So I rarely
use the code I write anymore.  If he wishes to do computational biology,
then he will have to go back to school.  To see what computational biology
is like in its current state, go to www.psc.edu and look at what the
biology group of Dr deerfeild is doing.
  If he wishes to write software then he should look at some of the
"science software" vendors.  
As a suggestion, he should look at doing custom software or write plug-ins
for freeware such as NIH image ( or other such)


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