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Tue Aug 21 12:33:12 EST 2001


      HOMES FROM $199.30/MONTH!

           CARS AND TRUCKS FROM $500!

*LOCAL Bank Foreclosures
*4% down
*OK credit
*1-3 Bedrooms
*HUD, FHA, VA, Private
*Financing Possible
*Police Impounds
*US Marshall Sales
*Tax Repossessions
*All Makes & Models Available
*Also Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles & More

Gain access to the nations largest database of Auction 
and Foreclosure listings. Cars, Homes, RV's, 
Jewelry, Electronics and other BIG TICKET ITEMS 
are being sold every day!!!

Government Auctions allow you to buy a car, truck, 
and other automobiles all makes and models from 
Fords, Hondas, Toyotas, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW's, 
SUV's, and more from $500.00 or less at Government
Auto Auctions in and around your area. 
The Included Programs set up by the Federal Government 
and other public/private auto auctions includes State 
and Local Auctions, Government Auctions, Police 
Impounds, FBI, DEA, and IRS Auctions, Tax Repossessions, 
Drug-raid Seizures, and Any Big Ticket Items the 
Government Seizes. 

The auctions found in the program can also offer 
you financing for as Low as $29/month until the 
vehicle is paid off.

This Government Auction Program covers the following 
States and areas. Alabama-Alaska-Arizona-Arkansas
New Hampshire-New Jersey-New Mexico-New York
North Carolina-North Dakota-Ohio-Oklahoma 
Oregon-Pennsylvania-Rhode Island-South-Carolina
South Dakota-Tennessee-Texas-Utah-Vermont 
Virgin Islands-Virginia-Washington-West 

Every month there are thousands of vehicles and 
items to be SOLD. Each Auction Will Be Held 
1 to 6 Times per Month. 

With Nationwide and Local Access To Public and 
Private Auctions, You'll Also Be Provided with 
Direct Telephone Numbers for Government Assistance. 

We would like to remind you that the Average 
late model vehicles sells from $500 or less, 
even though the Blue Book Value is much higher.

The U.S. Government Auctions are to clear the 
inventory of the Surplus and that's it.

Are you sincerely interested in owning an automobile 
from $500?


You get All Government Auctions, Police Auctions, 
IRS Auctions, State Government Auctions, 
County Sheriff Auctions, U.S. Marshal Auctions, 
FBI Auctions, Government Surplus Auctions, 
U.S. Customs Auctions, Tax Repossessions, 
State and drug-Raid Seizures are included. 
If your state is listed above then these government 
auctions are located in and around your area.

This offer is valid until we run out of copies of 
this powerful program!

Most Common questions and their answers:

1. What type of goods are sold at a government auctions?

The government agencies rotate all their inventory 
regularly. Government agencies are mandated by law 
to put all their surplus up for public auction.

2. How does private auctions operate?

They operate the same as any public auction. It's 
just the public is not invited. Bidders Have to be 
invited by an auctioneer, or an employer of the auctioneer.

3. What is a spot bid auction?

It's like a sealed bid auction. Spot bid auction 
means your present at the auction site. When the 
item comes up for bid you can write down your bid 
and bidder number. Place your bid into an envelope. 
You then hand your bid to the auctioneer. Auctioneer then 
opens all bids. The highest bid all ways wins. 

4. How do negotiated sales auctions operate?

 Bidder's Bids are made before you go to the Auction. 

5. What are sealed bid auctions?

Sealed bid auctions are most often conducted by mail. 
you request that the government to send you an 
"Invitation to bid" form (for each item you wish 
to bid on ). You must fill it out, include your deposit 
set by the auction. You then mail it to the auction by 
the cut off date. All the bids will be opened at the 
same time. The highest bidder wins. The losers deposit 
is returned along with the results of the auction.

6. What is a sealed bid?

The federal agency prepares the invitation for bid, an 
informational sheet that describes the property being 
offered for sale and includes the terms and conditions 
of sale. It contains all the information needed to bid 
on an item. When interested in an item, just submit your 
bid to the agency, usually by mail. On Bid-opening date, 
bids are read publicly and awarded to the highest bidder 
who correctly followed the required procedures. 

7. What are reserve auctions?

Reserve auctions are generally open to the public. 
The auctioneer offers items with a minimum price. If   
price is not reached in the bidding, the item is not sold. 
When an owner of the item is present, the auctioneer will 
ask the owner of item if he/she excepts the lower bid 

8. What is Pre set?

Auctioneers must except all bids. If only one bid is made 
for say one dollar. The auctioneer must sell that bidder 
the item for one dollar.

9. What is an absolute auction?

Absolute auction is considered to be the best auction to 
attend. All Absolute auction have no reserve prices.

10. Type's of merchandise is sold at an auction?

Here a an small list of the most common items : 
Automobiles, Jeeps, Trucks ,Vans , Motorcycles, Buses , 
Boats , Ships , Airplanes , Cameras , Office Equipment , 
Computer Equipment , Building Materials , 
Electronic Equipment, Farm Equipment , Homes , 
Commercial Real Estate , Bicycles , VCRs , Stereos , 
Power Tools, Forklifts , Audio Visual Equipment , 
and much much more  
( most vehicles are in excellent condition and 
have low mileage at G.S.A. Government Auctions).

11. What are public auctions?

The Federal agency follows traditional auction 
procedures and gives prospective buyers descriptions 
of the property to be auctioned along with bidding 
instructions before the auction starts. 
The auctioneer conducting the sale will offer the 
property item-by-item and awards the item to the 
highest bidder. When buying through an auction, 
all buyer must be present to bid, unlike the sealed 
bid method, which is conducted by mail.

This powerful goverment auction program 
ACT BEFORE SEPT 3 and receive for $20.00 


Simply send $20.00 check, money order or credit
card info to.

1812 SOUTH HWY 77 #115-PMB179

You may also fax your credit card order
 1-413- 702-8130








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