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From: Mr.Alexander Gusinsky

alexgusinsky at zipmail.com.br alexgusinsky at zipmail.com.br
Wed Feb 2 08:54:07 EST 2005

Dear Friend,

I have sent you this mail because of the need to open
discussions with you. I don't want you to
misunderstand this offer in any aspect, if it is okay
with you i ask for your full cooperation. I am Alexander
Gusinsky, the Franchise Owner of Yukos Engineering an
international affiliate of Yukos Oil and Gas Company
based in Russia. Due to ill Health I have been
Hospitalized and was diagnosed with a case of
Esophageal cancer, it has defiled all forms of medical
treatment and according to the medical experts it is a
terminal illness so i do not know how much longer i
have. I never had any real Friends in my lifetime
because I never really cared for anyone but my
business. But now I know that there is more to life
than making all the money in the world.

However, certain unfolding events has made it very
necessary for me to seek your help, my company is
fighting investigations and bankrupcy due to the Yukos
Oil problems in Russia, most of my assets were seized
due to this case. Recently I received a bulk payment
from South Africa Ministry for my last contract there.
I instructed them specifically not to send the funds
to Russia because of the problems, but that the funds
be deposited with a Finance and Security company in
Europe on hold. A huge cash deposit of Eighteen
Million dollars was domiciled with the
finance/Security Company overseas to my knowledge
only. This is the last of my assets, now that my
health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this
myself anymore, I therefore need you as a patner
because you are a neutral party to help me collect
this funds deposited with the security company and
disburse it secretly based on instructions. Because my
time is short I have decided to give most of this
money to charity organizations, as I want this to be
one of the last good deeds I do on earth. For all your
good efforts you will receive 20% of the Funds and
must disburse the rest based on instructions. I want
you to understand my seriousness in this case and if
you can handle the job kindly contact me via this
email: alexgusinsky at mail2alexa.com. I have all the
necessary documents on hand, please contact me asap So
we can discuss more. Thank you for your anticipated

Alexander Gusinsky

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