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Tue Jan 11 12:58:40 EST 2005

Please take a moment to review the following scientific software products, one or 
more of which we believe may be of interest to you.
*Origin 7.5 - scientific graphics, curve fitting and data analysis for Windows* 

Winner of Scientific Computing and Instrumentation's Readers Choice Award, Origin 
7.5 plotting and curve fitting software for Windows features incredible power and 
ease of use. With an integrated compiler, a non-linear fitting wizard, and many 
powerful tools for the serious technical user, Origin is faster and more user friendly 
than ever before. New University site-wide license terms are affordable and are 
proving popular in the UK. For more product details, a demo copy, and also to learn 
how we can customise Origin to meet your exact data analysis needs, please visit 
our Origin pages at: 
*Statistics add-on toolbar for Microsoft Excel Windows*
Powerful statistics and 3D visualisation graphics package available as low a cost 
add-on for Excel, which provides a host of useful stats features within a familiar 
Excel toolbar. Additional modules for survival analysis, IOLAP (trends and factors), 
and dose response are also available.
For more information and a demo copy, please visit our XLSTAT pages at: 

*Chromatography Data Handling for Windows*
EZchrom software was the recent winner of the prestigious ”Chromatography Data System” 
category in Scientific Computing and Instrumentation reader's choice awards. EZChrom 
is available from a single instrument stand alone configuration right up to unlimited 
sized client/server installations. Discover why over 5,000 users, including some 
of Europe's largest petro- and pharmaceutical companies, chose EZChrom and why over 
25 instrument companies choose to sell EZChrom either direct or under their own 
label. Visit our EZChrom web site for further information about this exciting software: 

*Desktop Molecular Modelling software*
Desktop modelling using modern PC's and Spartan software now approaches the power 
of sophisticated dedicated modelling workstations. Wavefunction's Spartan range 
of modelling software is used by a wide spectrum of users including pharmaceuticals, 
defence and universities. Spartan offers features that are twice as powerful as 
those available just a year or so ago and with versions for Windows, Mac OS, Linux 
and UNIX, there is a Spartan product to suit you and your budget. 
For more product details, and to request an evaluation loan copy, please visit our 
Spartan pages at: 

*Mathematical optimisation software for almost any physical or chemical process* 

Multisimplex software can improve efficiency of processes and reactions, increasing 
the quality of production. In fact it can assist in the optimisation of almost any 
technical system quickly and easily saving you time and money.
For more information and a demo copy, please visit our MultiSimplex pages at: 

*Worldwide unique chemical database for three-dimensional molecular structures with 
ChemBrain uses a unique worldwide chemical database for three-dimensional molecular 
structures and has integrated artificial intelligence making it capable of learning. 
Considered invaluable in the prediction of many molecular properties, it can also 
be used as a laboratory notebook. ChemBrain allows extremely simple and user-friendly 
input of three-dimensional molecules, supported by a fast geometry-optimiser. Stores 
any kind of data for use in artificial neural network calculations
For more product details, and to request an evaluation loan copy, please visit our 
Chembrain pages at: 


*Software to calculate organic molecules electronic spectra and colours.*
PiSystems is the fastest, most reliable, and at the same time most user-friendly 
quantum chemical program for the calculation of organic molecules electronic spectra 
and colours. A must for all people working in the field of synthetic science.
Users may either modify pre-generated fragments or draw them from scratch in a drag-draw 
fashion. Heteroatoms can be added, selected from a given set for which SCF-parameters 
are available. Experienced users may modify these parameters within limits which 
are controlled by the program. At any time the draft may be idealised by an extremely 
fast geometry-optimiser. 

For more product details, and to request an evaluation loan copy, please visit our 
Pisystems pages at: 

To learn more about any of the above products please visit our web site <http://www.astonsci.co.uk>. 
If you would like to ask a technical or licensing question about any of our products, 
please use the links above to contact the relevant product specialist directly. 

Please remember that Aston Scientific make no charge for email technical support 
on any product that we offer. 
Best regards, 
Your Aston Scientific team 
Aston Scientific - Scientific Software Solutions
Silverdale Scientific Ltd
Silverdale House, Stoke Mandeville 
Bucks HP22 5TD 
Tel: 01296 614144 
Fax: 01296 614228 
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