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Where have all the parasitologists gone?

Tim Ruhnke truhnke at esu.edu
Thu Dec 15 08:14:39 EST 1994

(prev. text deleted)
mark (missing the point, maybe tim was not clear):
  my point was this:  i would not be in the gainful employment that i am 
in now if i didn't have the broad skills and interests that i've attained 
in the past 10 years.  we have three self-proclaimed parasite people on 
faculty at this smallish institution because they offer students 
something interesting.  we hope you land that large univ. job (you 
deserve it), but the simple fact is that those jobs are becoming scarce 
with present day downsizing by attrition at large institutions.  on the 
other hand this univ. (esu) has seen their number of biol. majors double 
in the past five years!! they are and will continue to add a few 
faculty.  but if you want to be competitive for this kind of employment 
(remember, everyone has a couple of hundred to pick from today), you'd 
better be prepared to do a couple of things very well and several things 
adequately.  what does this have to do with parastic animals and the 
people who study them??  veterinary parasitology??  not much.  but those 
specific psns. are not the coming attractions. i guess i just look at it 
a little differently.  i was hired to educate taxpayers kids.  how 
lucky!!  i get to do something i enjoy and get payed for it. a helluva 
lot better than shilling for someone for a dime on the dollar.  and i get 
to study the organisms i love and add to our objective knowledge of them 
(and subtract and criticize shoddy work done on them).  and yes, i get to 
see you about once a year, mark.  that just not enough though.  want to 
drive down and give a seminar??
ps.  i'd tell every ph.d. student to be able to do one thing:  teach 
human anatomy and physiology.

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