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john janovy jjanovy at unlinfo.unl.edu
Fri Dec 16 09:17:11 EST 1994

December 15, 1994

TO: Parasitologists

FROM: John Janovy, Jr.

RE: Jobs

Two jobs are going to open up, and in fact have opened up, at the 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  The first, Director of the University
of Nebraska State Museum, will be advertised in the Chronicle of 
Higher Education with a deadline date of March 15; the other, 
Associate Director of the Cedar Point Biological Station, is a staff 
position and will be advertised locally (Lincoln _Journal_, Omaha 
_World-Herald_, Kansas City _Star_, Denver _Post_)although anyone can 
apply.  The first is a national search for a Dean's level 
administrator who reports to the Vice Chancellor for Research; the 
second is for what we call a B-line (supervisory) position who reports
to the Director of CPBS (at present, me), and university regulations 
do not demand a national search but we are not restricted in the 
hiring.  I'm sending out this memo because some parasitologist might 
be interested, although as you might suspect there are internal 
candidates and in the case of the CPBS position, there is some urgency
to filling the position.  Here are my general comments about both of 
these positions:

(1) Director of the University of Nebraska State Museum.

     This individual is responsible for budgeting, finances, public 
relations, personnel, etc. etc. of a major university natural history 
museum.  Morrill Hall is the exhibits facility (3+ floors), Nebraska 
Hall (4th-5th floors) houses most of the research collections, and 
there are two "outstate" facilities--Ashfall fossil beds and 
Trailside.  There are 63 people on the personnel roster, ranging from 
8 faculty curators to adjunct curators, research associates, and a 
variety of other temporary and permanent staff members.  The state 
appropriated budget is about $1.3 million.  The University of Nebraska
has a relatively strong parasitology program, with three faculty 
members on city campus and two on east (agriculture) campus, and 
another parasitologist as Museum director would be a very welcome 
addition.  I have no idea what the salary is likely to be.  I'm 
guessing (pure guess) that the next Director will not likely acquire 
vast new reaches of research space, nor vast new sums of remodelling 
or start up money, but the situation is far from bleak and the job is 
an ideal one for just the right person who's just at the right stage 
in his or her career.

(2) Associate Director of the Cedar Point Biological Station.

     This person is responsible for all of the business management and
accounting matters for CPBS, a biological field station in western 
Nebraska with about 30 buildings, a 13-week summer instructional 
program (8 courses), and numerous researchers.  Basically the person 
would need considerable interpersonal skills, a willingness to spend 
whatever time it takes to ensure that the accounting and paperwork are
current and correct, ability to live on site in western Nebraska from 
early May to late August (excellent private cabin), and a even, calm, 
resourceful personality.  This job is quite doable, but it is also a 
job that requires multiple skills, patience, and the understanding 
that you'll be essentially running a ranch.  The new AD needs to be in
Lincoln by Feb 1 (15th at the very latest) in order to learn the 
business before the present AD leaves the end of February.  Salary 
maxes out at around $30,000.  Field biology experience, and organismic
biology background are a virtual necessity.  For the right person, an 
MS degree would likely be adequate qualification.  When the ad is 
written, I'll send you a copy electronically if you want one.

I'd be very happy to elaborate either by telephone call or e-mail in 
response to individual inquiries about either of these positions.  It 
would be nice to have a parasitologist in either or both of them.  
Rich Clopton (SEPTATE at tam2000.tamu.edu), Scott Snyder 
(ssnyder at unLinfo.unL.edu), Tim Ruhnke (truhnke at esu.edu), Mike Ferdig 
and Mary Ann McDowell at Wisconsin, are all recent or fairly recent 
CPBS alums and could also give you some insight into the field station
and its personnel matters. 

John Janovy, Jr.
School of Biological Sciences
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, NE 68588-0118
jjanovy at unLinfo.unL.edu
(402) 472-2754 or -3779

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