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Whacky parasite life cycles - your nominations please!

ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu ctfaulkn at utkvx.utk.edu
Sat Jul 2 04:55:05 EST 1994

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ppappas at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Peter W Pappas) writes:
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>(David Johnston) daj  <daj at nhm.ac.uk> wrote:
>>as part of our Museum's programme of public events involving its
>>scientists, I have been voluntered to give a talk "about parasites"!
>>Under the title "Against the Odds", I want to do 2 things, (1) to get
>>across the concept of life cycles, (2) to try to convince my audience that,
>>even if they can't get to love parasites like we do, they ought, at least,
>>to respect them for the wonderful adaptations they have evolved to maximise
>>reproductive success/continuation of the life cycle. I am, therefore
>>looking for nominations for your favourite wierd, wonderful and whacky
>>adaptations and life cycles to illustrate my talk with; phenomenal
>>reproductive output, alteration of host behaviour, parasites of parasites.
>There are, of course, two classic examples that appear in many introductory 
>textbooks ----  [ real good examples deleted ] 
> Hope these few, brief examples are helpful.

I have always been fascinated with the differential periodicity Schistosoma
cercariae exhibit when they emerge from their snail hosts and concentrate in 
streams and watering holes at times corresponding to the peak activity periods
of their definitive host populations.  Some of this is briefly reviewed in 
Soulsby (1982), but i have also seen some papers in the Transac. of the Royal
Society (late 80's).  Hope this is helpful.

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