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HELP solving insect infestation problem

Ava Simonsen avasimon at omnifest.uwm.edu
Thu Apr 6 12:14:46 EST 1995

I am trying to solve a very difficult problem with insect infestation. Just
briefly, fleas were found on my cat a while back and of course, my apartment
was treated for them by a professional exterminating service.

My problem is this: _I_ am still being plagued with bugs.  My cat seems fine
now, but when I sleep, bugs crawl into my hair, into my eyes, ears, nose and
mouth. I have washed everything I own, and the exterminators have been back to
retreat the place 3 times. I have, more than once, woken up with bites on my
face and body. I had assumed that what was biting me were the fleas.

Now I'm not so sure.  I went to the doctore, and was checked for signs of some
insect infesting _me_. He found nothing. He gave me some Lindane shampoo to
use, stating that it should kill anything that is staying in my hair.

I have not been able to catch a specimen of the bug that is crawling over me. 
I do know, however, that it is a jumping insect, not a crawling one, as it
bounces off my face, etc.. and when it gets into my ear, I can hear it
bouncing there until it gets stuck in earwax.

Whatever it is, it is small enough that it has gotten inside the down
comforters I use, and inside my pilowcases, as I can hear it jumping against
the fabric at night.

I am very puzzled, as I have dealt with flea problems in the past, and have
always been able to catch at least a few fleas.

I am extremely frustrated and concerned that these bugs are not dying off
despite the loads of chemicals that have been applied. I am also not able to
sleep very well as each night I lie down to a bed full of jumping and
crawling insects.

If any of you have any ideas at all that might help, such as what kind of
insect this could be, please respond to me by e-mail.

I have been in contact with a biologist at the museum here, but she has not
had much time to work with me on this.

The one other possibility offered to me by the exterminators was some type of
mite that lives in bird's nests and can come in through windows.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


Ava Simonsen

E-mail to: avasimon at omnifest.uwm.edu

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