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Tue Aug 1 01:22:30 EST 1995

>By and large tapeworms do NOT cause pruritis when they pass and they of 
>course do not fit the previous description.  It sounds most likely that 
>they are either whip or threadworms, _Trichuris trichiura_ or the ever 
>present pinworm _Enterobius vermicularis_.  Neither of these criters can 
>be associated with undercooked red meat.  They both are considered soil 
>transmitted parasites (E.v. is a socially althought not necessarily 
>sexually transmitted infection.  You usually self cure from E.v. after a 
>few rounds of the life cycle and the itching is very characteristics.  It 
>is not usually treated unless sleeploss or pruritis are compelling.  T.t. 
>may survive for years although the passage of worms in the stool is not 
>that frequent of an occurence (as was suggested by this case).  This 
>infection can also be treated by a physician and should respond 
>reasonably well.

Is there anything I can ingest, (i.e. common household acids)  <smile>  
like certain foods that will reduce their ability to survive, and / or
reduce their activity level?  What is the procedure, when going to see
a physician?  I don't see how I could have managed to get the parasite.

EV:  How long approximately could this last?  I mean, it can die down 
     completely for almost a month or more, and then it is back with 
     _major_ pruritis. 

Where do these critters reside?  I would assume that they are both relatively
similar, or have some similar characteristics.  Any idea how long a single 
"one" of these can live for?  How do they cause the pruritis?  Biting?  
Is there anywhere on the net I can go for any further information?  Any public 
domain documentation?  I do have major sleep problems, but don't think it is 
related.  (Would it be something I wasn't conscious of (too many nutrients
being removed?) Or would it simply be lost sleep due to uncomfortability?)
I believe I have had these five years approximately.  Very surprised I even
discovered them..  I am very surprised I haven't done anything about it, either.
Can they be transmitted through semen?  (could I give this to my girlfriend?)

Major concerns.  

>        Steve Kayes

Thank you once again for your priceless time.


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