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Kirsty Gray kgray2 at metz.une.edu.au
Fri Aug 4 19:55:33 EST 1995

Your Name (Yourid at pop.srv.ualberta.ca) wrote:
: What are tiny, whitish worms living in the faeces?  How do you get rid of 
: them?  How do you get them?  ANY information would be greatly appreciated. 
: If this is not the proper place to ask, please tell me that, as well.
: 			thanks
: (I hope this goes through; just set up PPP for Linux, and I'm not too
:  sure if I'm even connected right now.)  ;)
	If you're talking about humans - it sounds like pinworms. 
Pinworms are transmitted directly from human to human. They emerge from 
the rectum at night and lay their eggs around the anal region. The 
individual then presumably gets these eggs on their hands and transfers 
them somehow or other to their mouth where the cycle begins again. 
Children are the most common component of our society affected with 
pinworms - largely due to the fact that they spend so much time with alot 
of other children at school and perhaps that they do not properly 
understand simple routine hygeine??
	Pinworms are simple to control - you can buy an anthelmintic at 
your local chemist which should control them.

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