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Req. help locating fish-borne parasite info

Fred Duerr fduerr at bmi.net
Sat Aug 19 18:41:21 EST 1995

edesutton at aol.com (EdESutton) wrote:

>I am searching for information on what I believe is a parasite I have
>found growing in fish I have caught in clear-water streamsm in the
>South-Western corner of Missouri.  These parasites(if that's what they
>are) are found in the flesh of the fish, usually growing just beneath the
>skin, and resemble small yellowish-tinted maggots.  The skin of these fish
>is sometimes disclored a little directly above the locations where these
>parasites are growing.  Initially I though they might be small fatty
>deposits in the fish flesh, but I have dug them out and they are alive and
>they wiggle around like little grub-looking-things.  The fish species I
>most often find them in is small mouth bass. 

>I apologize in advance if this is not the proper place to post such a
>message. However, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the
>right direction to find this information.

I think that this is just the correct place to post your message.  I'd
advise you to look in any good intro parasitology book for information
on tapeworm cysts.  These are larval forms of tapeworms, imbedded in
fish and/or other muscle, and which when eaten raw, develop into adult

This is quite species specific.  The north central part of the United
States has many types of tapeworm larvae encysted in fish flesh.
Perch are commonly infected in Minnesota.

As a general rule, don't eat the fish.  If thoroughly cooked, they
probably wouldn't bother you, and, indeed, might not even if raw.
However, why take a chance?  

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