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Bibliography on parasites

AGUSTIN ESTRADA-PENA estrada at mvet.unizar.es
Mon Jul 10 09:36:50 EST 1995

Dear netters:
Not Suitable Software (NSS) is a non-profit organization. Since 1991 we are compiling bibliographical information about parasites, parasitic diseases and other related topics. Now, we can serve this information for private use (not Institutions) at a very reduced price.
We have already compiled bibliographies on ticks and tick-borne diseases (more than 5000 records), parasitic mites (more than 3000 records), Plasmodium and their vectors, Leishmania, Trypanosoma, Fasciola, Dicrocoelium, intestinal helminths, and many othe topics related with the parasites. Our databases include information about the title of the paper, author(s), postal adress of the corresponding author, journal, volume, pages, and year of publication, keywords, language of the paper, and abstract (if available from the original paper). Abstracts of Symposia and local meetings are also included in our compilations. Each field is separated by TAB and each record is separated by RETURN. It is easy to import these files into your database management application. Furthermore, we can customize databases upon your request, on a particular topic. Our files contain information about the typical topics of a given parasite, like biology, life cycle, culture techniques, morphology, epidemiol
 or control.
We serve our databases under shareware license. You will receive a "text only" file, for DOS, Windows, or Mac, to be imported into your favorite database management program. If you agree with the contents you pay for it; if not, you must to delete it. Supporting shareware is the only way to continue compiling (and typing) the information. Of course, you are not allowed to freely distribute the information without our permission. We still believe in the shareware-way-of-life!
You will receive the bibliographies directly by E-mail, in several partitioned files according to the size of the whole file. Together with these files, you will receive one message with the license agreement, cost, and account number to make the money transfer into. If you prefer, we can serve the files in 3.5 inch. computer disk (formatted for your system), but you must pay an additional US $15 in advance for handling and surface post. Every year, you will be asked for an update of information, with the newly published papers. 
Our prices are US $1 by 10 records, with the fields mentioned above for each record.  In order to continue to supply full support for this product, we must ask for a little help! We are not asking for much (think about the time for typing). Please note that we type the abstract field directly from the abstract of the original paper. If paper lacks the abstract (i.e. some Symposia) this field is not included. We can also carry out an estimation of the cost incurred for a given topic (i.e. treatment and clinic of Fasciola parasitation in sheep in Europe) before ordering a bibliography. Please do not hesitate in contact us for a given topic. We will try to provide you with the greatest number of references, published since 1991.
For information or orders, contact us directly at this E-mail adress.

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