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Marshall Rice marshall at msrice.demon.co.uk
Sun Jul 30 09:20:13 EST 1995

In article <3ve1l7$1eu2 at rover.ucs.ualberta.ca>
           Yourid at pop.srv.ualberta.ca "Your Name" writes:

> >        Human feces or livestock feces, or pet feces:  identify the 
> >species that donated the feces
> Human.
> >
> >        Chancs are you are inquiring about a pet and the question may not 
> >be resolved to your satisfaction by just describing them as tiny, and 
> >white.  If this is the case, I suggest you see your vet and get help for 
> >the pet.  If you love your pet this is cheap advice at any price.
> Nope.
> I was told it could have something to do with eating red meat when it 
> isn't properly cooked?
> *Any* advice.  I don't really feel comfortable going to the doctor.
> :(

Still too little information.

What size are the "worms" (as near as you can tell)?  When and how do you 
observe them - do they only appear in faeces or do they appear at the anus? 
Are they motile (moving) when observed? Is there any pruritus (itching) 
around the anus, particularly at night? How frequently do you observe them 
and in what numbers?

Where do you live? Have you travelled abroad? Are there children in 
your household? Do you keep pets or live in close proximity to other animals?

If they are worms at all, they are quite likely to be threadworms, which are 
easily eradicated, but you have given too little information to tell. 

If you really prefer to be colonised by parasites longer than necessary, to
transmit them to those around you, to risk serious illness and to follow advice 
from people whose qualifications experience and motives you can only guess at, 
rather than consult a doctor who will have seen it all a hundred times before,
then please post more information and we will contribute what assistance we can.

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