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RKELLY.remote.ualberta.ca n/a
Sun Jul 30 22:37:16 EST 1995

>What size are the "worms" (as near as you can tell)?  When and how do you 
>observe them - do they only appear in faeces or do they appear at the anus? 
>Are they motile (moving) when observed? Is there any pruritus (itching) 
>around the anus, particularly at night? How frequently do you observe them 
>and in what numbers?
Sorry.  The worms are approximately one to two millimeters in diameter, and
when straight, probably around one centimeter long.  (There are 2.54 cm in an
inch, and 10 millimeters in a centimeter)  They appear at the anus, yes. Rarely. 
They are moving, and at times they are so uncomfortable I find myself in the
shower "removing" them.  Kind of disgusting.  Major itching, and a few times I 
have taken up to five of them out at once.  I would have thought of it to be 
something from eating animal meat.  Perhaps I am way off.  **Sorry this is so 
jumbled.**  How often...  they are really bad once every 60 days or so, (extreme)
and sometimes after defecation they decide to come out from hiding.  After 
vigorous physical activity, they do tend to bother me..  

>Where do you live? Have you travelled abroad? Are there children in 
>your household? Do you keep pets or live in close proximity to other animals?
I live in Alberta, Canada.  Travelled?  Yes.  I believe I have had this for a
long time though.  I suppose I have been afraid to ask, for fear it is something
serious..  (As ridiculously stupid as that sounds.)  I'm sixteen, and seeing a 
doctor is rather easy; I live in Canada..  (Back to length of time.. I think 
it is possible I have had this for several years.)

>If they are worms at all, they are quite likely to be threadworms, which are 
>easily eradicated, but you have given too little information to tell. 
They "wiggle" a lot, and dry up and die quickly.  They are more whitish than
clear.  They seem to be in my intestines or something.  I have no qualification
to diagnose myself, though.

>If you really prefer to be colonised by parasites longer than necessary, to
>transmit them to those around you, to risk serious illness and to follow advice 
>from people whose qualifications experience and motives you can only guess at, 
>rather than consult a doctor who will have seen it all a hundred times before,
>then please post more information and we will contribute what assistance we can.

Hahaha..  I have had them for so long it doesn't even concern me really.  I never
considered being able to give them to anyone else.. that definitely bothers me.  
If I can't get a relatively simple remedy from here soon (no pressure) I will
go and see my doctor about it. 

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