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info needed

Amy C. Siebert bgnet.bgsu.edu
Wed May 3 16:14:34 EST 1995

Giardia Intestinalis is the parasite you are most likely infected with -
giardia is classified as an amoeba and a parasite. Parasitism is a general
term for an organisms dependece upon a host for survival. Whereas amoeba
is more specific because it refers to the cellular structure of giardia. 
Giardia is commonly found in warm climates such as Guatemala.  Giardia is
often contracted from drinking (contaminated) water out of a well, most
often the water will be crystal clear - appearing pure and drinkable.
Giardia causes diarrhea and malaise - a general feeling of sickness. The
good news is giardia is treatable by drugs. I do believe praziquantel is
used, that I am of unsure of, though. I do know that if you have worms, a
tapeworm such as Taeniarhynchus saginatus(beef tapeworm) or Taenia
solium(pork tapeworm) or even Enterobius vermicularis (pinworms) will be
treated with an anti-helminth such as praziquantel.  Your doctor will have
to check the cross-reactivity of the drugs that will treat both the worms
and giardia. asiebert at bgsu.edu 

In article <3nvd4t$icp at newsbf02.news.aol.com>, missandree at aol.com
(MissAndree) wrote:

> Sorry if this isn't the right place for this question, but frankly I have
> asked a few people (including my doctor,) and haven't gotten straight
> answers.
> I recently came back from Guatemala (or should I say, *we* recently...)
> with giardias, amoebas (cystic?) as well as worms. What I would like to
> know is: are giardias amoebas, or an entirely different parasite? Do you
> get all of these from water (which I tried to avoid,) or do you get them
> from food, dirt, etc.
> I would appreciate any help offered...
> Thanks!
> MissAndree

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