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labs with mol parasitol interests

Robert.Coelen at jcu.edu.au Robert.Coelen at jcu.edu.au
Thu May 11 02:00:04 EST 1995

Hi Parasitol netters,

Could anyone help me out with this enquiry ? (sorry about the length)

>Robert can you help this young lady? Do you know of any molecular biology 
>places in Holland, Belgium or Germany which have the combination of 
>molecular biology and parasites?
>I know there is an EMBO lab in Heidelberg which has some interest in that 
>line and there are some people in either Brussels or Amsterdam working on 
>trypanosome VSGs (Horst or Borst or soemthing like that)
>>X-POP3-Rcpt: tvgwh at marlin.jcu.edu.au
>>Date: Wed, 10 May 95 07:37:03 EST
>>From: Jodi Clyde-Smith <jcs at maths.uq.oz.au>
>>To: Gareth.Hutchinson at jcu.edu.au
>>Subject: Re: Jodi Clyde-Smith via Mick Jackes
>>Hello Dr. Hutchinson,
>>(I'm sorry, I don't know if you're a doctor or a professor - excuse my
>>blunder if I've made one!).
>>You have, I believe, heard from Mick that I'm applying for a one year
>>Roatary Exchange for an overseas uni.  My problem is finding a uni
>>which will give me best coverage of my interests and I'm hoping you
>>may be able to advise me.
>>I have taken a parallel BSc/BA course and it's the science in which I'm 
>>interested.  I have majors in molecular biology, entomology and 
>>parasitology and would ultimately like to combine all of that into a
>>medical parasitology research career.  I do, however, adore the 
>>molecular biology side of things and am doing honours in embryogenesis
>>and the sex determination gene.
>>Are you possibly able to inform me of universities overseas which have 
>>particular strengths in the medical parasitology side or in genetics 
>>Please excuse the still very wide range of my preferences; I am, however,
>>trying to keep things as open as possible til I can research what those
>>unis may have on offer.  I have only til the end of this week to get 
>>things organised, having heard of the scholarship only the day before 
>>applications closed - Rotary is being very nice to me.
>>At this stage, they want the names and addresses of the unis and why 
>>I chose them - for what field.  Would you be able to help me please?
>>Also, Mick was saying that you mentioned a Robert Coelen - do you have
>>his email address at all?  
>>Finally, I have spent 18 months in Germany so my German is fluent - with
>>a few grammatical mistakes here and there! That is, however, the only 
>>foreign language I speak so my choice must be limited to any of those
>>countries using those languages.
>>Thank you very much and I hope it's not too much of a burden.  May I be
>>awfully presumptuous and ask if you could contact me asap please?
>>I need to send this application almost immediately and would like 
>>to check the handbooks of the unis you mention.
>>Again, thank you very much.


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James Cook University of North Queensland
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