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Vaginal Parasite

Tammy Ferguson tjfergus at hsc.vcu.edu
Thu Nov 11 10:28:02 EST 1999

Lice do have a nymph stage and progression from one stage to another
involves shedding of an exoskeleton.  However, this usually occurs outside
of the body.  It may be that what was found was artificially inserted into
the vagina on dirty hands with a tampon or something like that.  You may
be able to contact a local (state or college) parasitologist or
entomologist to get some definites.  I'd be interested in knowing what it
is if you figure out.  Good luck and happy hunting.

Bob/Judy Dilworth wrote:

> The director of our lab's cytology department brought a PAP smear in
> to microbiology today.  On the slide was an organism that resembled a
> louse, but it was very round with nothing sticking out and not
> elongated. The whole organism was easily visualized under 45X
> objective. I'm sorry I didn't get accurate measurements.  There were
> no visible legs, but we couldn't tell if it was curled up or not.  On
> the back end were approximately eight tiny hairs arranged singly that
> were arranged four on each side and continued up half way up the
> body.  Under oil immersion it almost looked as if it were emerging
> from some sort of egg case.
> I have searched many parasitology web sites and cannot find any
> pictures of any early stages of crab lice.  It really doesn't look
> like this organism to me.  Do pubic or other lice have a larval stage
> per se?  Where might I find pictures of these if they exist?  Most of
> us in our department have only ever seen nits and adults.  We only saw
> one organism on the thin prep and they were going to make another to
> see if they could find more.
> Anyone have a clue as to what this may be?  I wish I had a picture but
> I don't.  I personally think this is an incidental finding, but
> apparently the woman had some pathology that may or may not have
> something to do with this organism.
> Thanks for any help.
> Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
> Microbiology

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