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parasite on the brain

Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
Wed Nov 24 13:54:39 EST 1999

Oh please, let's not degrade this NG by mentioning the bizarre beliefs and
writings of Hulda Clark.  She suggests that "all diseases" are caused by a
parasite (Fasciolopsis buskii), a parasite that is not even found in the
United States.  If this parasite causes "all diseases" (including cancer and
AIDS according to the titles of her books), but is not found in the United
States, how can hundreds of thousands of people in the US being dying of
these diseases?  Something is missing here (i.e., simple common sense).

Hulda Clark is not an oncologist; she is not a physician.  Her "medical
degree" (and I use the term very loosely here) is a N.D. (a neuropath, I
assume) from someplace (a diploma-mill) that is never mentioned in her books
or interviews.  She diagnoses diseases using totally worthless "devices,"
and then "cures" people using other totally worthless devices.  I challenge
anyone out there who believes in Hulda Clark's brand of medicine to show one
shred of evidence that her medicine works.  Do not point me to her books,
for I have read them all.  Her books are filled with misrepresentations,
incorrect facts, and outright lies.

Fortunately, at least a few people are getting wise to H.C.'s brand of
medicine.  In September 1999, Clark was arrested in San Diego, California,
an arrest based on a fugitive warrant from Indiana.  She was returned to
Indiana, and is currently out on bail awaiting trial.  You can find out more
about Clark's "bizarre beliefs" at Quackwatch

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Ed Kaprocki <edkap at ieee.org> wrote in message
news:GGV_3.43598$YI2.2166935 at typ11.nn.bcandid.com...
> Buy the book The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark and you might have
> your answers.  I have personal experience with the findings in the book
> believe wholeheartedly that many people are infested with parasites with
> symptoms ranging from almost none to severe.  The book also addresses
> parasites that attack the brain too.
> Ed
> :-)
> <SSpeedCatherine at cs.com> wrote in message
news:0.71f684fa.256630c3 at cs.com...
> > Hello,
> >   Can someone please help me, my aunt went on a cruise to several
> and
> > when she came back she was very sick.  She cannot hold down any food and
> > she is also having  a lot of head pain.  She has been in the hospital
> > weeks and
> > They did a MRI on her and fined out that she has a parasite on the brain
> > They can't seem to solve this problem, can someone please help me save
> > aunt!!.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > ---

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