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i need help

Francois Dreyer francoisd at wcape.agric.za
Mon Nov 29 02:12:48 EST 1999

I agree with Dr. Pappas that you should visit your doctor.  I do not know
from where you are, but if you where from around here I would have guessed
your infested with the beeftapeworm Taenia saginata.  Interesting little
things this where the segments crawl out a wriggle in the faeces to release
their eggs.   See your doctor for an effective dewormer.
Francois Dreyer
Chief Veterinary Technologist: Parasitology section
Western Cape Provincial Veterinary Laboratory
Private Bag X5020, Stellenbosch, 7599
Tel: +27-21-887-0324
Fax: +27-21-886-5341
francoisd at wcape.agric.za

Ucum99 <ucum99 at aol.com> wrote in article
<19991127015820.05115.00000629 at ng-cd1.aol.com>...
> i think i may have an intestinal parasite
> in my bowel movements little white worm like things are moving around.
Often i
> will find them in my underwear and feel them inside me. around my anus
> become  very irritated and itchy. I do not know whatto do and am nervous
> these things but embarassed to go to a doctor anyone who van help please
> me @ ucum99 at aol.com thank u

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