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Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
Fri Oct 1 05:49:53 EST 1999

I am amazed that people believe this kind of garbage (or perhaps I should
call this crap, since this is a parasitology NG).  To lose 0.5 pounds a day
you must burn about 1800 Calories more than you take in.  Assuming that you
take in 900 Calories a day (a restricted diet), and that your basal
metabolic rate is about 1200 Calories per day (typical of a couch potato),
you would need to burn off 1500 Calories.  This would take a minimum of two
hours of STRENUOUS exercise (swimming, rowing), a level of exercise that
most of us are unable to achieve.

So, Dr. Hinman, show us the "proof" that this works.  Please provide
references to scientific (clinical) trials that have been published in the
medical literature.

Finally, I invite all readers of this group to contact this person's ISP and
complain about this spam --- the e-mail address is abuse at bigfoot.com.

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usyeris <tie84 at CLUST.CH.CAM.AC.UK> wrote in message
news:199909304287YAA14064 at seodik.btiuk.co.uk...
> Greetings from Physician's Weight Management,
> My name is Dr. Hinman.  I am a physician and weight loss
> specialist.  My studied base of 1500 patients has consistently
> proven - dependable and prompt weight loss.
> Many dieting patients have experienced results ranging from 1/2 to
> 1 lb. per day of body fat loss.  Dieting patients should not be
> surprised to experience weight loss of up to 15 to 30 lbs. during the
> first thirty days.  These results vary by patient, but significant
> weight loss is dependent on a program that is simple to follow, has
> demonstrated NO significant side effects, is all natural and is easy
> to use.
> Please reply by e-mail for further information and you will receive
> "The Doctor's 30 Answers To Weight Loss" for free, without
> obligation.
> Send an email to bord34 at bigfoot.com  with the subject "diet"
> To be deleted from our list, just email bord34 at bigfoot.com
> with the subject line as 'delete' and we shall delete your address.
> *-*-Loosin lbs.....-*-*
> -
> Subjec

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