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Dr. Peter W. Pappas pappas.3 at osu.edu
Thu Oct 7 08:33:29 EST 1999

Thanks for the warning and hopefully no one else we get "sick."

Regarding "moderating" the NG, we have obtained permission to add a
moderator (yes, we actually had to ask for permission), so this should
happen soon.  But, like everything else, it will take a bit of time.

I, too, get very frustrated by the junk that appears on this NG (and others
I read).  There is something you can do about it, but it does require time
on your part (I guess you just have to get so pissed that you take the time
to do it).  Find out who the ISP is for these people, and contact the ISP
and COMPLAIN.  I have done this several times, and the ISP has responded by
telling me that these people's accounts have been terminated (and I'm
assuming this is the truth).  However, people who spam newsgroups often use
fake return addresses or other techniques so you can not trace the source of
the message, so it might take some detective work on your part to find out
who the ISP really is.  Let's face it, most spammers are not that bright,
and any good systems administrator can trace a message and locate the source
of the ISP.  Get mad and counter-attack!

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pappas.3 at osu.edu
"Linda Goossen" <goossenl at GVSU.EDU> wrote in message
news:9910079393.AA939301097 at gvsu.edu...
>        I have received a message 4 or 5 times through this
>      address -  "download lani - it's fee".  For some
>      unknown reason, I actually opened it  (I generally just
>      delete such garbage immediately) -  It IS infected with
>      a virus.  My Norton Anti-virus detected it immediately.
>       If anyone has received and opened this message  -  you
>      need to know that you have most likely been "infected".
>      L. Goossen
>      GVSU
>      Allendale, MI
>      P.S.  This brings us back to the topic of moderation of
>      this site.

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