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What avenues are available to me to have digital microscopy images analyzed?

Wilf Russell wilfr at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 19:12:59 EST 2001

Just for the record, I took your advice and convinced a doctor (N.D.)
to arrange the O&P lab test for us... however, when I took in the
specimen it wasn't in the container they wanted and so they wouldn't
accept it.  Some flexibility would sure be nice in the industry as

You know, if this was a different time in my life I would probably
become an M.D. so I could do this stuff myself.  While some might view
that as a laughable statement I am so seriously disturbed by the
medical community at this point that trust has been lost; customer
service is a four letter word, and conflicting opinions make you
question everything.   As for my attempt to identify these things
outside of the normal diagnostic paths -- you may or may not see why. 
However, I had to push and pull people to do something for me -- the
paying customer -- and ultimately ended up getting directed here,
there, and finally nowhere.  Bureaucracy at its finest.

So I go out and research to the best of my ability, read volumes of
material, buy microscopes and equipment, and solicit help from
absolute strangers.  You think this is easy?  You think I want it this
way?  I would love to step up to somebody, have them treat me with
dignity and respect, and just fix the problem (I am not the patient by
the way).  It isn't going to happen.  I suppose and am thankful that
it does happen that way for some.  But for those of the population
that don't fit the normal, symptomatic criteria, or have complex,
multiple, physical conditions the system just doesn't work.  I need
someone to work WITH me.. not to tell me what to do.  Yup.. I'm angry
and yet at the same time hopeful.  Hopeful that someone out there may
just be able to help.  At some point in time perhaps.  I have met some
very helpful people along the way and I thank them (and you) from the
very bottom of my heart, but as long as we have a system that doesn't
view the gestalt and focuses on a narrow list of symptoms/cures there
will be those among us that suffer.  Some in silence, and some like

Okay.. end soapbox.  As you can glean from my post there is more to
this patient than the possibility of parasites.  However, I came down
this path doing some honest-to-goodness research of my own and intend
to complete its course.  If it doesn't bear fruit, then so be it, but
if I just give up and rely on a doctor and can almost guarantee you
that nothing will come of it.  I believe that one must take control of
their own destiny.

Thanks again for your thoughts and help.

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