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Help please - British Columbia (cross-post)

J J at NoSPAM.invalid
Tue Nov 19 23:44:10 EST 2002

Anyone know of a specialist in parasitology located in the Okanagan
Valley in BC? (Penticton, Kamloops, Kelowna etc) ?

Apparently there's no "health unit" in the area.  Apparently there's no
testing place for water (they don't know the source/cause).

apparently nobody in that (remote) area has a microscope to ID scrapings
from the skin. (including their GPs)
Does have appointment with dermatologist but due to both the possible
cycles, treatments to try and control the symptoms and the apparent lack
of knowledge of how to diagnose, the hope of success with a dermy seems
pretty slim.

Two humans and one dog afflicted with a parasite. (since last summer).
Acqaintance lives alone.  Neighbour and neighbour's dog afflicted, now
the neighbour's g'friend is also having problems.

They've all had to shave all hairs and some are spraying everything
known to man to either kill the parasites and/or relieve the symptoms.
(rubbing alcohol, javex and calamine).  Also standard anti-allergy
benadryl etc etc has done nothing to help relieve the symptoms.

The one (and only) vet hasn't identified but they've all tried
Ivermectin, then Fenbendazole Panacur ... <snip>the humans "enough to
deworm  50 tons of animal (I figured this out by readingthe

The description of the "wound" is....  <snip>Small red round wound, then
turns to black, then itchy, then to
a boil with a squiggley black line and pus. Or if I scratch it I get
scar hard scar tissue... and a constant feeling that something is
burrowing under the skin. <snip>

I have no idea about the neighbour, but the acquaintance doesn't drink,
nor do drugs, nor is psychiatric.

I've already provided them with paraisite specialists in the Vancouver
area and/or Universities, but due to financial and/or job situations,
none of them can go that far away, to try to and get this properly

Urgently need any contact, that any of you know of, in that specific

thanks much.

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