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one year of gastric disorder

nicolas guerinet nicolasguerinet at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 30 17:02:46 EST 2003

One year of gastric disorder: Sorry my English is a bit shaky.If someone can help me .... I'm 25 years old, I live in France.The « disease » began in august 2002. I was on holiday with my parents at home. I had liquid diarrhoea more than three times per day. I ate normally.Nevertheless, I have planned to go to Ireland during holidays . I went to Dublin. For 2 weeks, I felt really bloated all days long. I waked up early each mornings because of my bloatings (5h00 AM). I felt like a curve of nerves. I felt very very stressful. Diarrhoeas continues. And my Bowels hurted me in a so strong way. I was forced to stay on the bed of the young.I decided to visit a doctor. He prescribed for me standard antiseptic drugs. I took them but nothing happens. I ate less and less. At the end, I just drink I went to Dublin Emergency after a dark pain night. They took a blood sample. But they said to me , that they didn't found something.  September:I came back to France. They took a blood and stools sample. Many E. Coli was the only thing in results. After the blood sample, I had hypoglycaemia. Diarrhea didn't happen so frequently. Then, I felt really tired all day long from morning to afternoon. I took my blood pressure with this electronic device which I don't know the name. I was often forced to sit down or lay down because I felt too tired. And I had real low blood pressure so that I wonder If I would wake up next morning when I went to bed. In fact, I felt really tired, and my legs shook. Doctor prescribed for me more standards antiseptic drugs. But I was always in bad health. In my stools, I could clearly see which food I ate some hours ago.  October, November :After eating cheese or drinking milk. I noticed that I used to have bloatings and diarrhea 3 hours after. I decided to stop with milk.In a French hospital, they took 10 blood samples, I had a breath test and a echography done. They didn't find something. Stools was never solid and always light brown. Diarrheas happens sometimes. Tiredness was less frequent. After each lunch, I felt painful bloatings. When I woke up I felt real painful bloatings.  I ordered natural drugs called Para 90. (90 plants sample). I noticed that stools were always solid and dark brown after. Flatulences.     December :Nausea after shower. Vomiting after each lunch. One time after going to the stools I felt that there is a kind of thread which is hanging from my anus.I brung this thread and clean . It was really like a nerve. Gray color. An head like an hand. 10 cm. I threw away this thing (i think it was a very very very very very big mistake). I knew nothing about parasites. I visited websites parasites pictures libraries. But I didn't find a worm that could be this thing. I felt a bit less tired.    January :During Christmas holidays, i had a diarrhea crisis for one week with both vomiting and diarrhoeas (15 times per day). Painful Bloatings in bowels.So i took a drugs against Taenia and roundwormsBut nothing happens. Flatulences Februray, March : Tiredness after lunch. Diarrheas. Vomitings in the nightI took homeopathy drugs, but nothing happens. Always force to lay down in afternoon. I drunk Aloe vera jelly. Flatulences April :No refreshing sleep. I felt chilly all the time. Legs and arms was stiff.Itching under thorax. Light and noise hypersisensibilities.I took drugs against Taenia. My hands shook sometimes. In Urine, if I decided not to flush toilet. Some transparent "deposits" floats all over water. This is like deposits we see when milk is boiling. These deposits are visible three or four hours after I went to toilets. May :Nausea. My hands shook sometimes. Tiredness. I see floating things in my eyes. June :Floating things in my eyes. Hands shakes.Gastro-colonoscopy => they saw nothing. They took a duodenum sample.Abdominal Pain  I'm waiting for gastric sample results. 

Other : my mother have had urine inections. She had a tenia on June 2002. I've never had any constipations.


If someone have the same symptom or know what is it, contact me

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