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John Soeters JSO at fuji-ef.nl
Thu May 1 10:06:55 EST 2003

Dear Readers.

Let me tell you something about myself:
I am a process engineer (42years of age) at Fuji Photo Film in the
Netherlands, but 25 years ago I started my study in Medical
Biology(Bacteriology, some parasitology, Heamatology, Clinical Chemistry,
etc)  but never had a function in this field, because my first job was at
Fuji directly. But it has been always my biggest passion. Recently I started
to breed racing pigeons (my other big passion) Within short time I noticed
that pigeons can be infected by numerous parasites. It became a challenge to
examine the feaces and other fluids by myself. The next thing I did was
buying a second hand microscope, the same type on which I learned the
profession, an old Olympus lightmicroscope. Also some other basic equipment
I purchased.
After picking up some techniques again I managed to visualize a lot of
organisms. But my problem was how to identify them correctly.
I still had some vague ideas but for that I need grafic images as an
example. After exploring all the parasitology websites I could 
this forum. I assume that you all are authorities concearning parasites.
Therefor my question is as follows:

Can you help me with some images (light microscope) or a site were I can
find them all, to have an example to use during my examinations?
The species I am referring to are:
Eimeria, Isospora. And if possible flagellates Trichomonas, Hexamites and
Chlamidea.(no flagellate)

You would be a very great help to me. Many thanks already in advance!

I can understand that you consider this rather strange to help a complete
stranger, but If someone of all people can
help I think its you.....

John Soeters.
Laminating Technical Section (P12T-LT)
* jso at fuji-ef.nl


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