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[Parasitology] Parasite Identity

moon1234 via parasite%40net.bio.net (by boobeebee from gmail.com)
Fri Jul 3 00:19:54 EST 2009

Have you find a solution yet? We have tried everything too and can't find a

nuitgoddess wrote:
> I live in the same hell. Please let me know what your solution[s]
> are/were.
> Transformed wrote:
>> URGENT:       Tiny White Flying Parasite  vs. Insect
>> Can you refer me to an ectoparasitologist who collects samples?  If you
>> don’t know one, please check around with your colleagues and associates.
>> People are contracting a tiny white parasite from clothing of retail
>> stores or other sources.  This pest is neither a mite nor a flea. 
>> Because it's airborne and breeds really fast, it's extremely difficult to
>> control and get read of.   I’ve discovered one other parasite victim.  
>> I’ve been told other victims exist.  I contracted this pest via clothing
>> at Value City.  It has been a nightmare experience!
>> Extermination:
>> We've tried RID, Kleen Free Enzymes, and various pesticide sprays.  I've
>> sprayed like crazy EVERY day.  I even spray my clothing with RID.  I wash
>> my hair every night. Yet I'm still seeing this pest.  The other victim
>> had a worse case, and she’s pleased with the Kleen Free product.  I use
>> it daily, but I haven’t seen any lasting results.
>> Please pay close attention as I describe the physical attributes and
>> symptoms of this pest.  If someone has this pest, they will see 3 types
>> of white things:
>> 1) tiny round things about the size of a spec of salt
>> 2) tiny, oblong shaped, things that look like a piece of thread or fiber; 
>> about 1/16 of an inch long
>> 3) slightly larger white things that jump
>> Either #2  and/or  #3  flies;  It is an airborne pest.
>> Optional:   Victims may see tiny black things the same as item # 1 and #
>> 2 above.
>> If someone has this pest, they will have the following physical symptoms:
>> 1) Bites that sting
>> 2) Red skin rashes  and/or  small red bumps
>> 3) Lighting sensations;   Victims will feel something periodically
>> lighting on their skin.
>> 4) Optional:   Itching  **I don’t itch, but another victim has an itching
>> problem.
>> Pest Habits:
>> When hand-picked from hair, clothing, etc.,  the pest will attack with
>> bites.  This tiny white pest can be found anywhere.  Once it gets in an
>> environment, it will be all over the place.  It likes clothing, hair, and
>> dark colored items.   The #1 and #2 white things rest on material and
>> non-material items.  ie, a totebag or pocketbook   They’ll infest
>> someone’s car, also. 
>> Pest Control---I haven't yet found a pesticide that completely removed
>> the pest and its eggs.  Over a period of weeks, constant spraying can
>> yield a reduction in pest population.  Due to the fast breeding, the
>> infestation does not go away.  This is a relentless pest!
>> Challenges:
>> Entomologists have not been able to identify samples sent to them. 
>> Therefore, this pest is not an insect.  It's either a parasite or
>> arthropod.  Presently, I'm trying to find an ectoparasitologist to submit
>> samples to.  I need the scientific name for this pest.  If you have time
>> to help me do research, that would be helpful.
>> I’d greatly appreciate hearing from you at your very earliest
>> convenience.  Thanks for your time and assistance.
>> P.S. (If anyone has contracted this pest, they can write me directly at:    
>> twfparasite(at)yahoo(dot)com        (Use the "at" symbol and period.)

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