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Nobel Laureates

Dave Husic, Lafayette College HH#3 at LAFIBM.LAFAYETTE.EDU
Thu Dec 2 10:14:24 EST 1993

From: Dave Husic <HH#3 at lafibm.lafayette.edu>
To: "A. Angerhofer" <an3%physik.uni-stuttgart.de at lafibm.lafayette.edu>
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Subject: Nobel Laureates

> Subject: Nobel prize winners in photosynthesis
> Dear readers of the photosynthesis list,
> Can somebody please tell me how many Nobel prizes have been awarded in the
> to scientists in photosynthesis research, and give me the names and dates?
> I would like to use this information in a popular scientific article about
> photosynthesis research which I am currently writing.
> Thank you very much for your efforts, Alex Angerhofer.

Govindjee responded with a list of names, and approximate dates.  I list
below recipients of the Chemistry prize with work related to plant
science (loosely defined, not all photosynthesis), and the years of the
awards.  Short summaries of their work can be found in a new book published by
 the Am. Chem. Soc.,
"Nobel Laureates in Chemistry 1901-1992", Laylin James, ed.

Richard Martin Willstatter - 1915 - structural studies of Chlorophyll

Paul Karrer - 1937 - characterization of carotenoids and other plant pigments

Artturi Virtanen - 1945 - N assimilation in root nodules

James Sumner - 1946 - studies of jack bean urease

Wendell Stanley - 1946 - studies of tobacco mosaic virus

Robert Robinson - 1947 - studies of plant natural products, especially

Melvin Calvin - 1961 - the path of carbon in photosynthesis

Luis Leloir - 1970 - carbohydrate biosynthesis in plants and animals

Peter Mitchell - 1978 - chemiosmotic theory

Hartmut Michel, Johann Deisenhoffer, Robert Huber - 1988 - crystal
structure of photosynthetic reaction center

Who will be next?

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Lafayette College

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