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Problems with my message on the listserver?

Jonathan B. Marder MARDER at agri.huji.ac.il
Mon Dec 6 06:11:28 EST 1993

>Subject: Problems with my message on the listserver?
>Dear Jonathan,
>It seems that I had some bad luck with my very first message on the listserver.
>Nishio complained to me that he had received my message a couple of times in a
>row (please see a copy of his e-mail message, which he sent to me last week,
>below). Husic seems to have the same problem, although in another way. I (and
>maybe others) keep getting the same message from him again and again.
>Do you have an idea what may be the reason for this problem, and how to cure it?
>Best regards, Alex.
Dear Alex (and other PHOTOSYN subscribers),
  I suspect that this is a manifestation of a problem at BIOSCI which is now being dealt with.  If the problem persists I will get in touch with the BIOSCI people (who are very good at diagnosing and curing such problems).

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Best regards
Jonathan B. Marder                 '
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