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Annual Meeting-American Society for Photobiology

Tue Jun 1 14:56:00 EST 1993

Dear Colleague:

Re:  American Society for Photobiology Annual Meeting

     The following meeting announcement is being brought to
your attention because photosynthetic research is an
important focus of this year's meeting.  Symposia relating to 
this topic are listed below.  In addition, this year's ASP award 
lecture is being presented by Dr. Kenneth Sauer on photo-
synthetic light reactions.  We hope to encourage attendance 
and participation in the meeting by a large number of 
researchers in your field.

     The meeting is being held at the Chicago Marriott Downtown.
Reservations may be made through June 5 at the meeting rate of
$99 per night, single or double occupancy, by calling the Marriott
directly at 312-836-0100, fax 312-836-6139.  Works in Progress
posters, which will be presented June 29, are still being accepted 
through June 3.  If you wish to contribute, the title of the poster, 
with the names and affiliations of all contributing authors, may be
faxed to the ASP Secretariat at 706-721-3048.

     Registration fees for non-ASP members are $175 for advance
registration before June 15; $190 at the meeting.  Non-member
registration includes a one-year membership in the Society.

     For additional information, please contact the Secretariat at 
(phone) 706-721-2601 or the fax number above or contact me
via Internet at RODGERS at OPIE.BGSU.EDU

Michael A. J. Rodgers
Program Chair

                      Meeting Announcement

                American Society for Photobiology
                         21st Annual Meeting
                           Chicago, Illinois
                           June 26-30, 1993

Sunday, June 27
9 a.m.-12 noon
"Electron Transfer in Biological Systems" - Michael Wasielewski
     Introductory Remarks - Michael R. Wasielewski
     "Electron Tunneling Pathways in Biomolecules" - David N.
     "Intra-Complex, Inter-Protein Electron Transfer" - Brian M.
     "Primary Electron Transfer in Reaction Centers of Rb.
           capsulatus" - James R. Norris
     "On the Questions of Dispersive Charge Separation Kinetics
           and Electronic Structure of Bacterial Reaction Centers" 
           Gerald J. Small
     "Primary Charge Separation in Isolated Photosystem II
           Reaction Centers" - Michael R. Wasielewski

"Photomovement of Microorganisms - New Achievements and 
      Unanswered Questions" - Francesco Lenci
      "Photosignal Transduction Mediated by Sensory 
           Rhodopsin I:  Receptor/Transducer Interaction" - John Spudich
      "Primary Molecular Events in Rhodopsin-like Photoreceptors 
           of Flagellates" - Kenneth W. Foster
      "Photomotile Reactions in Ciliated Protozoa" - Giuliano Colombetti
      "Photobehavior of Flagellates as an Environmental Indicator" - 
           Donat-P. H

"Structure and Function of Light-Harvesting Complexes" -Paul Loach
     "Structure and Function of Light-Harvesting Complexes" - Neil 
     "Structural Requirements for Reconstitution of LH I of Photo-
           synthetic Bacteria" - Paul A. Loach
     "The Disordered Bacteriochlorophyll Dimer:  The Building
           Block of the Bacterial Light-Harvesting Antenna" - 
           Reink van Grondelle
     "In Vivo and In Vitro Perspectives on the Biogenesis, 
           Structure and Function of Plant and Algal Light-
           Harvesting Proteins" - Gregory W. Schmidt
     "Direct Observation of the Ultrafast Energy Transfer Step in 
           Light Harvesting Complex II" - Mei Du
     "The Role of Long Wavelength Emitting Pigments in Photosystem 
           I as Investigated by Time-Resolved Fluorescence and 
           Computer Simulations" - Philip D. Laible

Monday, June 28
9 a.m.- 12 noon
"Photosystem I, Structure and Dynamics" - John Golbeck and
     "Photosystem I - Structure and Dynamics" - Joseph Warden
     "Protein Subunits of the Photosystem I Complex - Problems and
           Solutions" - Richard Malkin
     "Primary Photochemistry of Plant Photosystem I" - Marion 
     "Antenna Excitation Transport and Trapping Kinetics in 
           Photosystem I" - Walter Struve
     "Structural and Functional Studies on Cyanobacterial Photo-
           system I" - Donald A. Bryant
     "The Acceptor Side of Photosystem I and Comparison with that 
           of the Green Bacterium, Chlorobium" - John Biggins

1-2 p.m.
ASP Award Lecture - "Photosynthetic Light Reactions -- Current 
     Understanding and Future Directions" - Kenneth Sauer

2-5 p.m.
"Photosystem II and Oxygen Evolution" - Bridgette A. Barry
     "X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of the Mn Site in the 
           Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolving Complex:Characterization
           of Reduced Derivatives" - James Penner-Hahn
     "Interaction of the Chlorophyll-Protein CPa-1 with Components 
           Required for Oxygen Evolution" - Terry M. Bricker
     "Calcium Binding Sites of Photosystem II as Probed by 
           Lanthanides" - Demetrios Ghanotakis 
     "FT-IR and EPR Studies of Redox-Active Amino Acid Residues in
           Photosystem II" - Bridgette A. Barry
     "Pulsed EPR Studies of Photosynthetic Oxygen Evolution" - 
           David Britt

Tuesday, June 29
9 a.m. - 12 noon
"Biophysical Spectroscopy of Reaction Centers" - Richard A.
     "Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Reaction Centers" - Graham R.
     "Magic Angle Spinning 13C NMR of Selectively Enriched
           Rhodobacter Sphaeroides Reaction Centers" - Huub J. M.
           de Groot 
     "Resonance Raman Studies of Reaction Centers from Rb. 
           Sphaeroides" - David Bocian
     "Energy and Electron Transfer Processes in Isolated D1-D2-
            cyt-b559 Reaction Centers from Photosystem II" - 
            A. Holzwarth
     "Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Bacterial Photosynthetic
            Reaction Centers" - Richard A. Mathies
     "Femtosecond Spectroscopy of Chloroflexus Aurantiacus
            Reaction Centers" - G. Hastings
     "Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy of Bacterial
           Reaction Centers from Rhodobacter Sphaeroides" - Dale 
           F. Gaul

Wednesday, June 30
9 a.m.-12 noon
"Blue Light-Mediated Photomorphogenesis" - Lon S. Kaufman
     "Blue Light Response Mutants in Arabidopsis" - Roger P.
     "A Genetic System for the Study of Phototropism in
           Arabidopsis thaliana" - Kenneth Poff 
     "Cellular Physiology of Phototropism in Phycomyces" - Edward
     "The Effects of Blue Light on Gene Expression in Pisum
           Sativum and Arabidopsis Thaliana" - Lon S. Kaufman

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