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HELP: chlorophyll in mosses

Sam Beale sib at brown.edu
Wed Jul 13 13:25:59 EST 1994

In article <3010ge$9cp at nof.abdn.ac.uk>, bot133 at nof.abdn.ac.uk (j.kerslake)

> HI...
> Could anyone please help with the following question:
> Is biosynthesis of chlorophylls and carotenoids light - dependent in 
> bryophytes (particularly mosses) in the same way as it is in angiosperms?
> If so, which wavelengths are required?
> Any references?
> (this is for a friend who is studying mosses under snowbeds)
> Thanks for any help.....
> Jim (for Clare).
> bot133 at abdn.ac.uk

>Chlorophyll synthesis in mosses is not dependent on light.  This subject
>has not been studied in mosses for a very long time.  It has been known
>for well over a century that gymnosperms can form chlorophyll in the
>.absence of light.  
>For a
>fairly recent paper on these chl genes, see Li, J., Goldschmidt-Clermont,
>M., and Timko, M. P. (1993) Chloroplast-encoded chlB is required for
>light-independent protochlorophyllide reductase activity in Chlamydomonas
>reinhardtii.  The Plant Cell 5, 1817-1829.

> I hope this helps.

Certainly does ... Thanks a lot!
Jim / Clare

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