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Gordon Conf. on Biophysical Aspects of Photosynthesis

Fri Mar 11 14:19:36 EST 1994

March 10, 1994

TO:        Photosynthesis Network Community

FROM:      Marion C. Thurnauer

The next Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis will deal
with Biophysical Aspects and will be held from August 7-12, 1994
at the New Hampton School, New Hampton, New Hampshire, USA.  I will
be the Chair for this meeting and Charles Yocum is the Vice-Chair.

There was a formal announcement of the meeting in Science on
February 18, 1994.  I wanted to be sure, however, that the
photosynthesis community is aware of the time and place of the meeting
so that you might consider applying to attend.

A copy of the program follows.  Applications for the Conference may
be obtained from Dr. Carlyle  B. Storm, Director, Gordon Research
Conferences, University of Rhode Island, P.O. Box 984, West Kingston,
RI 02892-0984  Telephone (401) 783-4011 or (401) 783-3372;
Fax (401) 783-7644; bitnet:  BCP101 at URIACC.           Gordon Conference on Pho
tosynthesis: Biophysical Aspects
                         Chair - Marion C. Thurnauer
                          Vice Chair - Charles Yocum

      August 7-12, 1994, New Hampton School, New Hampton, New Hampshire

Reaction Center Structure - Crystallography/Spectroscopy -
Chair: M. Gunner

H. Michel - Structure-function relationships in photosynthetic
reaction centres from Rhodopseudomonas viridis and Rhodobacter
sphaeroides:  Recent progress

G. Feher -

W. Lubitz - ENDOR and ESEEM studies of single crystals of
photosystem I

Discussion Leaders: F. Reiss-Husson, J. P. Allen

Towards Crystals of Membrane Proteins -
Chair and Discussion Leader: R. Nechushtai

P. Gast - Determination of the number of detergent molecules
associated with the reaction center

D. M. Tiede - Aggregation states of bacterial reaction centers
and antenna complexes determined by small angle neutron

R. M. Stroud - Design and function of peptitergents

Protein Dynamics (Experimental) and Proton Movement -
Chair: W. Maentele

R. M. Hochstrasser - Ultrafast infrared spectroscopy of the
primary steps in electron transfer

H. J. M. de Groot - Magic angle spinning NMR of selectively
enriched photosynthetic reaction centers

C. Wraight - Protonation states in reaction center function

Discussion Leaders: W. Maentele, P. Sebban

Coherent Phenomena - Function/Structure -
Chair and Discussion Leader: J. R. Norris

G. Kothe - Quantum beats as probes of the spin dynamics
in photosynthesis

M. C. W. Evans - Transient radicals in photosystem I

M. H. Vos - Vibrational coherence in bacterial reaction centers

Primary Electron Transfer - Theory -
Chair: M. Newton

D. Chandler - The mechanism of the primary charge transfer
in photosynthesis

A. Warshel - Computer simulations of the electron transfer
processes in bacterial reaction centers:  The importance of
proper treatments of electrostatic energies in solvated

R. Friesner -

Discussion Leaders: M. Bixon, M. E. Michel-Beyerle

Antenna and Energy Transfer -
Chair: W. Struve

S. Voelker - Antenna complexes studied by hole burning

V. Sundstroem - Femtosecond energy transfer and relaxation
processes in purple bacterial light-harvesting pigments

Discussion Leaders: R. Knox, R. Blankenship

Photosystem II - Structure and Protein Assembly -
Chair: D. Britt

B. Barry - Difference FT-IR studies of the donor
side of photosystem II

S. Un - Probing the structure of photosystem II
using high field EPR

A. Scherz - Factors that control the protein matrix
assembly in isolated photosystem II reaction centers

Discussion Leaders: D. Britt, B. Diner

(A) Tribute to Gerhard Closs
(B) Principles of Photosynthetic Design and Construction

Chair and Discussion Leader: S. Boxer

D. Zhang - Triplet energy transfer in organic model
compounds:  Relationship to electron transfer

A. McDermott - Solid state NMR studies of photosynthesis:
Chemically induced polarization

P. L. Dutton - Principles of photosynthetic design and

Beyond Photosynthesis -
Chair: D. Beratan

A. Osuka - Modeling the sequential electron-transfer relay
in photosynthesis by synthetic porphyrin arrays

T. M. Cotton - Enhanced photochemistry at surfaces

V. Pecoraro - Probing the function of Mn in photosystem II:
Reactivity of Mn dimers with protons and peroxide

Discussion Leaders:
T. Moore, W. H. Armstrong

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