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Malcolme Logie miml at hippo.ru.ac.za
Fri Sep 16 07:48:47 EST 1994

In <AJ.58.779452319 at biolsci.dundee.ac.uk> AJ at biolsci.dundee.ac.uk (ANDY JOHNSTON) writes:

>I am not sure if this is the right place.... but it is somewhere to start.

>Is there anyone on this list who has working/theoretical experience of P31 
>NMR. I have just started some experiments and am slightly confused as to 
>whether my medium should contain PO4. When I have it in I just get one 
>massive peak.... and lots of little ones when I leave it out. 

>That is not really unexpected.... but the literature I am following has 
>papers where PO4 is part of the medium and others where it is not!

>Any suggestions will be greatfully recieved.

Yes, I have done alot of work with P31 NMR, using microalgae, of which
some has been very sucessful. Here are a few tips:
1. Try studies using various concentrations of PO4 in your medium for
growth of the cells only, then resuspend in PO4 free medium. This will
allow definition of the correct PO4 for a strong NMR signal, and also
any internal Pi signal is not masked by Pi in the medium. The little
peaks you are getting are the compartmented Pi signals as well as PO4
from sugars, ATP, NADP etc etc.

If you give me more details on your study perhaps I can be of more
help...e-mail me.

Soory could not e-mail you directly..having problems mailing at the

Malcolme Logie
Internet: miml at hippo.ru.ac.za
Malcolme Logie
Internet: miml at hippo.ru.ac.za

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