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physical chemistry on thylakoi.

Dalibor.Stys at placebio.lu.se Dalibor.Stys at placebio.lu.se
Thu Apr 27 01:08:44 EST 1995

Dear netters,

I am interested in the influence of individual proteins from thylakoid proteins 
on ion and temperature induced changes in photosystem segregation and stacking. 
My interest is mainly physico-chemical and I want to use thylakoid membranes for 
studies on specific and unspecific lipid-protein and protein-protein 
interactions as well as formation of membrane domains and ion-induced 
interactions between membrane lamellae. It seems that thylakoids from the algal 
mutants are the best system which brings big amount of measurables to be 
followed by various techniques but I am open to plant mutants as well. My 
interest is to a big extent theoretical but I think that my experiments may 
bring new light into understanding of function of membrane complexes, their 
organisation and regulation.

 I do not have the experience and manpower to do genetic experiments. However, I 
have acess to and experience with many spectroscopical techniques, perhaps with 
exception of ESR. I am also collaborating with group of theoreticians working on 
ion-membrane interactions. 

I am therefore looking for collaboration with any group which will supply me 
with mutants with defined modifications of thylakoid membranes. I will be glad 
to make new use of the mutants people have already in shelf. I am also prepared 
to put all my effort into any kind of joint grant proposal. 

I am looking forward for your response


Dr. Dalibor Stys
Plant Cell Biology
Box 7007
220 07 Lund 
tel: + 46 46 222 3318
fax: + 46 46 222 4009

e-mail: placebio-dali at macpost.lu.se
        daliboa.sdys at placebio.lu.se

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