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fluorescent roots

Milan Durchan durchan at entu.cas.cz
Sun Dec 10 12:21:56 EST 1995

On 9 Dec 1995, JEFF ELHAI wrote:

> Does anyone have an idea why tobacco roots should fluoresce yellow (perhaps
> a bit green) with 490 nm excitation?
> Wan-Ling Chiu
Yellow ? A bit green ?? Have you got a fluorescence emission spectrum at
490 nm excitation wavelength ? At which wavelength you have found maximum
(maxima) of emission band(s) ? WHAT IS YELLOW ? A BIT GREEN ???

You must carry out an excitation scan ((low-temperature) fluorescence
excitation spectrum) with the emission wavelength at maximum of your
band(s). From excitation spectra and/or from ratio(s) of exc. spectra
with different wavelength of emission, you will obtain essencial
information for identification of fluorescent molecule(s).
There is too many molecules which have some absorption band around 490
nm and of course their quantum yield of fluorescence is not equal to
zero in any plant cell ...

Good luck
Milan Durchan

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