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10th Int. Conference on Luminiscence and Optical Spectroscopy

Jan Hala - ICL 96 halaicl at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
Tue Jul 18 17:53:51 EST 1995

                           First Circular   
          Charles University and Czech Academy of Sciences  
International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy  
                         of Condensed Matter  
                         August 18-23, 1996  
The 1996 International Conference on Luminescence and Optical 
Spectroscopy (ICLP296) will take place at the Palace of Culture in 
Prague, Czech Republic, in the period of August 18-23, 1996.  The 
conference is organized every three years, the preceding ones 
were held in 1966 in Budapest (Hungary), 1969 in Newark 
(Delaware, USA), 1972 in Leningrad (USSR), 1975 in Tokyo (Japan), 
1978 in Paris (France), 1981 in West Berlin, 1984 in Madison 
(Wisconsin, USA), 1987 in Beijing (China), 1990 in Lisbon 
(Portugal) and the latest one in 1993 in Storrs (Connecticut, 
USA). The International Conference on Luminescence provides an 
interdisciplinary forum to present the most recent developments 
in fundamental and applied luminescence in organic and inorganic, 
crystalline, amorphous and biological materials and systems. 
International Organizing Committee: W.M. Yen   (Chair)	     USA
Local Organizing Committee:           J. Hala  (Chair)       Prague 
                                    J.A. Mares (Vice Chair)  Prague 
International Program Advisory Committee:  
                                      P. Reineker (Chair)    Germany  
The conference will consist of keynote plenary lectures, invited 
and contributed oral communications in two parallel sessions, and 
of poster sessions. Poster sessions will be utilized for informal 
and stimulating discussions and exchange between participants. 
 1.  Bulk semiconductors  
 2.  Rare-earth and Transition-Metal Ions in  Insulators  
 3.  Microstructures and Restricted Geometries  
 4.  Disordered and Amorphous Materials  
 5.  Organic Materials  
 6.  Fluorescent Probes  
 7.  Biological Systems  
 8.  Point Centers and Defects in Crystals  
 9.  Scintillators  
10.  Non-linear Processes  
11.  Ultra-fast Phenomena  
12.  Coherent Processes   
13.  Excitons and Collective Phenomena  
14.  Energy Transfer and Dynamics  
15.  Electroluminescence  
16.  Fluorescence Microscopy  
17.  Applications in Ecology  
18.  Novel Techniques   
19.  Others  
The scope of  ICL'96 will be open to all aspects of fundamental 
and applied luminescence research, including both experimental 
and theoretical investigations. However, in selecting the 
contributed and poster papers, priority will be given to those 
with the above given topics. The organizers of the ICL'96 also 
want to present luminescence applications in modern technologies, 
such as:  
- LED and semiconductor lasers  
- new luminescence materials  
- solid state laser materials,  
- scintillators  
- non-linear organic and inorganic materials  
- ecological monitoring.  
We believe that in the program we will find a good equilibrium 
both between theoretical and experimental aspects of  
luminescence research, and between presentations of inorganic, 
organic and biological systems and materials.  
Those who are interested in the ICL''96 conference are requested 
to complete the attached preliminary application card before the 
end of September 1995. The Second Circular containing detailed 
information will be mailed in the end of 1995.  
ICL'96 will be held at the Palace of Culture which is the largest 
congress center in Prague. The facilities of the Palace offer a 
complete conference service, including modern lecture halls and 
auditoria, rooms for poster sessions, restaurants, light 
refreshment, etc. The Palace of Culture is located close to the 
Vysehrad hill, one of the seven hills of Prague and the one which 
is, across the Vltava river, opposite to the Prague Castle hill. 
One of the most beautiful views of the Castle and Prague is from 
the north-western part of the Palace. The Palace of Culture is 
easily accessible by the Underground (line C) from the center of 
Prague in a few minutes.  
Many visitors believe that Prague is one of the most beautiful 
cities worldwide. History of Prague as a capital of the Czech 
state started in the 9th century since when Prague Castle was the 
seat of the kings from the Czech Premysl dynasty. During the 
following ten centuries Prague developed into a metropolis with a 
population exceeding one million people. The long historical 
development of Prague reflects itself in its architecture: 
outstanding examples of the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, 
Baroque, Rococo, and Classicist styles, as well as of Art Nouveau 
and the early 20th century Modernism make Prague an architectural 
museum of Western civilization. Countless churches, theaters, 
museums, galleries and concert halls, together with the complex 
of the Prague Castle, the seat of the President Havel, complete 
the picture of Prague as a contemporary cultural Mecca. We 
believe that you will be amazed not only by the ICL'96 but also 
by Prague itself. Staying two or three days longer after the 
Conference may be a good idea!  
The most convenient travel to Prague is via the Prague-Ruzyne 
International Airport, about 15 km from the city center. The 
airport has daily connections with and via the most important 
European, American and Asian airports. In Europe you can also get 
to Prague by train from most European capitals. Prague is also 
easily accessible by car from all directions. In the city you can 
use its extensive and convenient public transport system 
consisting of the Underground (three lines), trams and buses.  
An exciting and interesting program of social events is planned 
for the conference participants and their guests. We would like 
to show you the beauties of the city and the country, such as 
castles and chateaux,  spas, towns where famous Czech glass, 
jewelry and beer are manufactured, and other interesting places. 
Details of the social program will be  given in the Second 
organized before and after the ICL''96: The International Workshop 
on Electroluminescence (Prof. H.-E. Gumlich, Technical University 
Berlin) Berlin, Germany, August 13-15, 1996  
The 2nd International Conference on Fluorescent Probes and 
Fluorescence Microscopy  (Prof. J. Slavik, Czech  Acad. Sci.) 
Prague, Czech Republic, August 25-28, 1996  
Another meeting - ESCON'96 (Prof M. Schreiber, Technical 
University Chemnitz-Zwikau) - related to the ICL'96 will be 
organized in Bad Schandau, Germany, August 15-17, 1996  
I wish to receive for my participation at the ICL'96:  
Second Circular  
Call for Papers  
[ ]    yes                          [ ]    no  
title          given name                      family name  
country                                           zip code  
phone _____________________________________________________  
fax   _____________________________________________________  

J. Hala - ICL'96	
Department of Chemical Physics & Optics
Faculty of Mathematics & Physics
Charles University, CZ 121 16 Prague 2
Ke Karlovu 3, Czech Republic

e-mail: halaicl at karlov.mff.cuni.cz
ftp   : ns.karlov.mff.cuni.cz/pub/ICL96 (userid anonymous)
phone : +422 21911421
fax   : +422 21911249

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