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Searchable Photosynthesis Nicelist now posted to Web site

Larry Orr Larry.Orr at ASU.EDU
Fri Mar 24 17:40:14 EST 1995

I have now posted a searchable version of the Photosynthesis Nicelist to
our Web site here at Arizona State University.  You will find it at URL:


***Technical stuff: Read only if you want***

You can use the "find" command to search the list.  This can be done from
your web reader's menu, or from the keyboard, depending on the reader you
are using. I recommend Netscape, but Mosaic is also nice.

Unfortunately, HTML, the "language" of the web, does not support columnar
formatting at this time.  Because of this I had to use the kludgy technique
of aligning the columns using  "space-dot-space-dot".  HTML does not
recognize more than one space in a row so it was impossible to align the
columns perfectly. They now have a slightly ragged appearance, but I hope
this cosmetic fault is offset by the ability to find someone quickly
without having to browse through the entire list.

When you are reading the columnar part of the Nicelist, make sure your web
reader's window is open to the full size of the monitor.  If it isn't, the
columns will wrap around and the columns will be messed up.  The normal
text portions of the Nicelist (and most other web documents) should not be
affected by the size of your monitor window. If you are using a very small
monitor, such as those on the early Macs, you will not be able to correct
this problem.

There are ways of eliminating the column problem by eliminating the columns
(see the Chlamydomonas site) but it involves setting up databases and I do
not have the time or knowledge to do this at this time.  Soon, I hope.


Larry Orr                               Larry.Orr at ASU.edu
Photosynthesis Center                   tel: (602) 965-1963
Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry       fax: (602) 965-2747
Arizona State University
Box 871604
Tempe, AZ 85287-1604 USA            http://aspin.asu.edu/provider/photosyn/

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