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Postdoctoral Position

C. A. Rebeiz CRebeiz at .uiuc.edu
Mon May 22 16:38:27 EST 1995

A postdoctoral position has become available, starting in October 1995, to
work in one of the two research areas listed below:

I.  Study of apoprotein-Chl interaction during the biosynthesis and assembly
of functional light harvesting Chl a/b protein (LHC II) in higher plants.
Applicants should have had some expertise in one or more of the following
disciplines: (a) porphyrin biochemistry, (b) thylakoid protein isolation,
purification and characterization, (c) subcellular organelle isolation,
purification and characterization, and (d) plant molecular biological

II.  Cloning the [4-vinyl]Chlorophyllide a reductase (4VCR) gene.  4VCR
[Biochemistry 31:8460-8464 (1992)] is the best characterized of a family of
[4-vinyl] reductases which catalyze the reduction of the vinyl group at
position 4 of the tetrapyrrole macrocycle to ethyl.  The importance of these
enzymes reside in their being responsible for the chlorophyll biosynthetic
heterogeneity in plants [Ciba Foundation symposium 180, p177-193 (1994)] and
their potential relation to plant yield.  4VCR, a membrane-bound enzyme has
been recently fully characterized and solubilized from etioplast membranes.
The work involves purifying the enzyme, cloning its gene and expressing it
in E. Coli.  Applicants should have some expertise in one or more of the
(a) porphyrin biochemistry
(b) protein isolation, purification and characterization
(c) plant molecular biological techniques.

Interested individuals should send curriculum vitae and three letters of
to :

C. A. Rebeiz
Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry
and Photobiology, 240 A, PABL
1201 West Gregory Avenue,
University of Illinois, Urbana
Illinois, 61801.

Additional information via E-mail or telephone (217-333-1968) is welcome.

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