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PHOTOSYNTHESIS/bionet.photosynthesis is now moderated!

David Kristofferson kristoff at net.bio.net
Sat Nov 4 10:17:29 EST 1995

In order to combat the increasing amount of malicious junk mail on the
Internet, PHOTOSYNTHESIS/bionet.photosynthesis is now moderated.  All
messages are forwarded to the moderator, Larry Orr, for review prior
to posting.  The revised newsgroup charter is given below.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

IMPORTANT - Status change only (to moderated) on an existing newsgroup!

Information for PHOTOSYNTHESIS/bionet.photosynthesis (moderated)

USENET newsgroup name:  bionet.photosynthesis

Status:			Moderated

One line description:	Research into photosynthesis.

Moderation address:	photosyn-moderator at net.bio.net
                        (bionet-photosynthesis at net.bio.net
                         is an alias for photosyn-moderator at net.bio.net)

Moderator:		Mr. Larry Orr
            		ASU Photosynthesis Center/Admin. Assoc.

Mailing list name:	PHOTOSYNTHESIS

E-mail posting addresses: photosyn at net.bio.net
                          photosyn at daresbury.ac.uk

Newsgroup Charter and Moderation Policy:

PHOTOSYNTHESIS/bionet.photosynthesis is to be used for the posting of
messages, queries, and announcements that may be of interest to the general
photosynthesis community.  These may include: requests for technical
information regarding protocols, material, equipment, etc., used for
photosynthesis-related research; advertisement of academic positions and
request for employment (including postdoctoral positions, studentships,
etc.); distribution of photosynthesis-related journal and abstract
listings; announcements of scientific meetings; requests for assistance in
the teaching of photosynthesis at all academic levels; other assorted
announcements that would be of interest to the photosynthesis community.

IMPORTANT!! Moderation Policy.

The purpose of moderation is to prevent irrelevant postings from being
distributed in this newsgroup.  In general, the following types of
messages will be targeted for rejection: chain letters; commercial
advertisements; racist/ethnic/religious/sexist messages; and wide-area
cross-posted messages (spams). In the first instance, messages will be
judged on the basis of the "Subject:" line appearing in the header.
Messages with an obviously irrelevant "Subject:" line in the header
will be rejected without reference to the main text.  Messages may
also be rejected for other reasons, e.g. excessive length. Otherwise
the moderation policy will be based on a liberal interpretation of the
newsgroup charter, i.e.  anything marginally suitable will be
accepted. It is the responsibility of the posters, not the moderator,
to read the newsgroup usage instructions for bionet.photosynthesis.
In order to ensure acceptance of their posts, contributors should
ensure that their posts are:

1) Relevant to the newsgroup charter.
2) Sufficiently important to warrant distribution via this medium.
3) Have a suitable "Subject:" line in the header (messages without a
   Subject are in danger of rejection without further checking).

In some cases, rejected messages may be resubmitted after revision, or with
a suitable explanation to the moderator. Continuing disputes may be
resolved by appeal (of the contributor) to biosci-help at net.bio.net.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - The moderator's sole function is to filter out
messages that do not appear to conform to the newsgroup charter above and
distribute messages that do appear to conform to the newsgroup charter.
However, in all cases the content of a message is the sole responsibility
of its author. Neither the moderator, nor the administrators of the
BIOSCI/bionet news hierarchy shall bear any liability for allowing the
appearance of articles with offensive or damaging content. Readers assume
all responsibility for confirming on their own the accuracy of the messages
posted to the newsgroup.

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